Delhi Police marked Maruti Ertiga stunt going viral [Video]

The new video-sharing social media app – TikTok has gained quite a popularity due to various shocking videos found on it. Recently, a Delhi Police marked Maruti Suzuki Ertiga was seen on the popular app where a man can be seen performing stunts on it. The video has become viral on the Internet.

The video shows a yet to identified man driving the Ertiga on open ground. The exact location of the ground is not known though. In the video, the car can be seen being driven at a slow speed and then the driver of the car suddenly comes out of it to climb the roof. On the roof, he does a few pushups and then jumps on the ground. He then tries to enter the car, which is when the video ends.

The shirtless man remains unidentified and according to the registration details of the car, it belongs to J.P. Sharma. It is not clear if J.P. Sharma is an employee of Delhi Police or if this is an official car belonging to Delhi Police. Several complaints have been forwarded on the social media platforms to Delhi Police and they have officially replied saying that they are already investigating the matter.

Delhi Police marked Maruti Ertiga stunt going viral [Video]

There are several Maruti Suzuki Ertiga vehicles used by Delhi Police officially. However, it is not clear if this car is an official vehicle or the owner has added the sticker of Delhi Police illegally. In fact, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, which is seen in the video also gets flashers and sirens mounted on the rooftop, similar to the official vehicles.

The Delhi Police has also said that they are going through the TikTok profile of the person who uploaded the video and is trying to get more details on the video that has been uploaded. It is not clear if the person who uploaded the video is also the creator of the video or he has simply uploaded a forwarded message from somewhere else.

The stunts done by the man on the car are highly dangerous. Since he gets off the vehicle while performing the stunt, there’s no one who is in the control of the vehicle. This looks like a diesel-engine powered Ertiga. There is a lot of low-end torque in diesel engines, which ensures that the engine does not stall even after releasing the clutch completely in lower gears. This is how he made the car drive without being inside it. However, the car was rough terrain and if by any chance, the front tyres of the vehicle were hit by a rock or went in a ditch, the direction of the vehicle could have changed. The stunt performed on the car is very dangerous and should not be repeated by anyone.