Delhi Police release video where rider survives two consecutive accidents thanks to a helmet

Wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler is a mandatory practice in the rule books of India. However, very few people religiously follow this rule, while the others continue to ride in negligence. Wearing a helmet only helps the rider in protecting his/her head in the event of a two-wheeler crash, though many fail to understand this basic life-saving practice. Here’s a video, which will help you realize the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler.

The said video has been uploaded by the official Twitter account of the Delhi Police. In this video, we can see a person falling off his motorcycle after colliding with a Fiat Punto which was trying to make a turn. It seems that the person was riding the motorcycle quite fast and was unable to apply the brakes on time. After colliding with the Punto, the motorcycle rider falls, while his motorcycle crashes with a pole mounted on the divider of the road. Since the motorcycle rider was wearing a helmet, his head got saved from major injuries even after suffering severe impact.

However, it didn’t end there. While the rider was trying to stand on his feet back, the pole on which his motorcycle got collided fell on his head. Due to this, the rider fell again, but since he was still wearing his helmet, his life got saved again. The pole had fallen directly on his head, and had he not worn a helmet, he would have suffered from severe injuries.

The video ends with a subtitle stating that ‘wearing a helmet can save you once, twice, thrice and multiple times’, which was proven by the double impact sustained by the helmet of the motorcycle rider who fell. The video was shared by Delhi Police as a part of its awareness campaign for road safety, in which it captioned the video as ‘God saves those who wear helmets.’

Wearing helmet in India

Delhi Police release video where rider survives two consecutive accidents thanks to a helmet

It is mandatory in India to wear a helmet. While many people wear one, they do not properly strap the helmet, making it useless. Always make sure that you use the straps properly to secure the helmet to the head. Helmets will not save you from trucks running over but they will save you in a lot of other situations.

The video has attracted the attention of several netizens, many of which got surprised by the level of protection a helmet provides from such instances. This video uploaded by Delhi Police on its Twitter account has received thousands of retweets and likes. We also hope that after seeing this video, more and more people get encouraged for wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler. It is highly advisable for pillion riders also to wear a helmet, as it is for their self-protection only.

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