Delhi police conducts Road Safety Awareness Workshops across the city

The Delhi Police recently conducted a road safety awareness workshop at Air force Station,  Race Course. This workshop was attended by 80 family members of Air Force personnel – mainly women – and 19 serving officers of the Indian Air Force. The Delhi Police frequently conducts such awareness programs across the city to make citizens aware of the various road rules and educate them about safe driving/riding/commuting habits. Other such recent awareness camps held by the Delhi Police included ones in Seelampur T point, G T Road in Shahdara Circle, and Khureji in Gandhi Nagar Traffic Circle. Many of these awareness workshops saw Delhi Police personnel hand out free helmets to the attendees. This initiative was meant to make more people wear helmets – a critical part of road safety – while riding two wheelers.

Delhi Police Road Safety Workshop 1

The crash helmet is mandatory for both the rider and pillion according to the amended Motor Vehicles Act, which came into force late last year. In Delhi though, the helmet rule for both the rider and pillion has been in place for many years now. Police officials in Delhi have also been enforcing this rule quite strictly, thereby greatly reducing fatalities caused due to head injuries suffered by two wheeler riders involved in accidents.

Another rule that the Delhi Police has been strictly enforcing is the usage of seatbelts in cars. While it’s not yet mandatory for everyone traveling in a car to be belted up, the driver of the car has to compulsorily wear a seatbelt as per law. Like helmets, seatbelts help to save lives and greatly reduce the injuries sustained in an accident.

Delhi Police Road Safety Workshop 2

By spreading awareness about seat belts, helmets and other traffic rules, the Delhi Police hopes to reduce accidents. India is one of the most accident-prone countries in the world, and about 400 people lose their lives in road accidents across the country each day. The main reason for accidents is the lack of awareness about traffic rules. Also, many motorists openly flout traffic rules, in the process not just putting their lives in danger but also becoming a hazard for other road users.