Delhi Police to act against Dhinchak Pooja following her new video: Here’s why

Dhinchak Pooja who shot to fame after her first song, “Selfie maine leli” has just released her second song, “Dilon ka shooter”. But she may soon land into hot water as the Delhi Traffic Police plans to act against the Youtube sensation after the release of her new video. Here’s why.

Cops unhappy with Dhinchak Pooja?

Scooter_Dhinchak Pooja

In the new song, Dhinchak Pooja can be seen riding around the streets of Delhi on a red coloured Piaggio Vespa. A viewer and an alert netizen complained the Delhi Traffic Police about the law being flouted in the song as Pooja wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The Delhi Police after receiving the complaint, swung into action and asked for all the details of the incident. After receiving the details, Delhi Police has commented that action will be taken on the singer for flouting the laws. The person in the complaint, alleged that a lady is roaming on the scooter in Delhi’s Surajmal Vihar area singing loud songs.

Delhi Police assured proper action will be taken against her. Incidentally, Dhinchak Pooja was seen popping out of an Audi A4’s sunroof in her debut song but no action was taken against her for doing the same.

Delhi Traffic Police’s actions

Traffic police departments from the various states of India have started taking complaints online. Delhi Traffic Police also ensures against any such traffic violation reported online through their Facebook page or Twitter handle. Delhi Police also offers a special app for registering complaints.

Smartphone users can download ‘Traffic Sentinel’ app from Play Store and can use it to send video or pictures of the violation from the road. Every valid reporting gets rewarded with a point. Riding without a helmet is one of the most common offences on the road. Delhi’s traffic laws make it mandatory for both the rider and the pillion rider to wear a helmet while riding.