Delhi tourist breaks Goa lockdown & drives Toyota Landcruiser Prado on beach: Arrested, SUV seized

Goa Police have seized a Land Cruiser Prado SUV of a tourist from New Delhi. The cops also arrested the Delhi resident for driving the Land Cruiser Prado on the popular Morjim beach. The police took action after the video of the vehicle on the beach was circulated on the Internet.

Police arrested Ashok Wadia, who is a resident of Delhi. A case has been registered against the law violators and charges under Sections 188 (disobeying order of public servant), 269 (negligence) and 336 (endangering life) of the Indian Penal Code.

Goa is currently under lockdown. So the cops arrested the violator of the lockdown. Also, it is illegal to drive on the beaches of Goa. The cops have invoked multiple sections against the violator.

Inspector Jivba Dalvi said,

“We made the arrest after we received information that one luxurious car is being driven on Morjim beach, thereby putting the lives of other persons at high risk as it could have caused injuries or fatalities,”

In Goa, the government has announced a complete lockdown due to the rise in the cases. The lockdown is till Monday morning.

Illegal to drive on beaches

Delhi tourist breaks Goa lockdown & drives Toyota Landcruiser Prado on beach: Arrested, SUV seized

The Goa government has banned any private vehicle from entering the beaches. The step came a few years ago after a number of tourists entered the beaches with private vehicles and got stuck. Other vehicles and resources had to be called to recover these vehicles. To ensure that these private vehicles do not put an unnecessary load on the resources, the government has banned the entry of vehicles to the beaches.

There have been instances where vehicles of ministers have got stuck on the beaches. It takes massive effort to recover such vehicles from the beaches as the rescue vehicle also faces challenges in the sand.

But what if you really want to take your vehicle to the beaches? Well, there are a few beaches in India that allow private vehicles to enter legally. There is a beach in Kerala, which allows vehicles to enter after an entry fee. Most of the beaches have soft sand that causes the vehicles to get stuck. However, Muzapillangad Beach in Kerala has hard sand that ensures that the cars do not get stuck.

Driving on most Indian beaches is banned and is illegal. However, there are a few beaches where one can go and enjoy themselves. Muzhappilangad Beach in Kerala is one such beach where vehicles are allowed. The beach is made up of hard sand, which does not sink in due to any heavyweight vehicles. One can go to such beaches to enjoy a soulful of beach driving. However, if you must drive on a sandy surface and there is no other option, here are a few tips that can help you in doing that.

  • Always reduce the tyre pressure of the vehicle. It increases the contact area and distributes the weight of the vehicle over a larger surface.
  • A 4X2 vehicle always has a higher chance of getting stuck on a sandy surface than a 4X4 vehicle. Always prefer taking a 4X4 vehicle in such places.
  • Have a recovery vehicle nearby. It can be another car that can pull you out of the situation or can call for help if there’s no network.
  • Sand can be slippery, extra traction can be generated by putting floor mats below the tyre or putting small rocks in front of the tyres.