Delhi tourists drive Mahindra Thar into river Ganga in Haridwar – Car seized

Mahindra Thar gets seized for driving in Ganga

The holy river Ganga, which flows through Haridwar, Uttarakhand, is one of the most important rivers in the Hindu religion. Every year, a number of people visit this city for pilgrimage. However, with the influx of a large number of people, some miscreants are bound to visit this place. Most recently, a group of such anti-social elements visited this holy place and did something extremely stupid. A group of six men from Delhi decided to put their Mahindra Thar SUV in the river Ganga to wash it and take selfies with the car in the middle of the river.

The case of these six people driving their Mahindra Thar into the river Ganga has come forward from the Neel Dhara region in Haridwar. As reported by the police team that reached the spot where these young men took their SUV, these men were allegedly washing their SUV in the middle of the holy Ganga and taking selfies. The police authorities stated that under the “Maryada” operation, they were issued a challan and their Mahindra Thar was seized as well.

For those unaware, the “Maryada” operation is a local initiative in Haridwar that involves the deployment of police teams at the ghats along the River Ganga. The operation aims to maintain discipline and ensure a peaceful environment at religious places. The teams of 10 policemen stationed at the ghats have been given the responsibility to address any nuisance caused by tourists. Under Operation Maryada, tourists who engage in disruptive or inappropriate behavior at religious places in Haridwar may face strict judicial action. The authorities are taking measures to uphold the sanctity of the religious sites and ensure that visitors adhere to a certain code of conduct.

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in the country. Every now and then, reports of tourists driving their cars in places where they should not be driving surface on the internet. Most recently, a case from Goa went viral where some tourists from Rajasthan drove their Toyota Fortuner on the beach. The video of their act was shared on Twitter by Ivo D. Lobo Gonçalves. The user shared the video from the location where the tourists had parked the SUV.

The tourists from Rajasthan simply decided to drive and park the SUV on the beach. For those who are unaware, we would like to mention that driving on beaches is strictly illegal in India. The tourists were seen next to the SUV while the cops questioned them about their act. One of them can be seen arguing with the cops as well. The cops issued a challan of Rs 1,500 and let the tourists go.

Goa has a tourist places protection and maintenance act, which prohibits a number of activities such as cooking food in open spaces, begging, driving on the beach, drinking in public, massages, unauthorized hawkers, and so on. Driving on beaches is strictly prohibited in Goa and many other states. However, it seems that people never listen.