Delhi Traffic Police posts stunt fail video on Twitter to deliver message against rash riding

Often we see social media handles of police departments posting informative content and warnings in amusing ways while delivering the right messages. The Twitter handle of Delhi Traffic Police is one such social media account which often follows this to gauge public attention. In one of its recent posts, the Delhi Traffic Police conveyed a positive message related to safe riding practice in a very funny manner, which caught the attention of many netizens.

In its post on Twitter, the Delhi Traffic Police uploaded a video of how a person riding his motorcycle meets with an accident due to rash driving. But it’s the choice of music and the editing tricks used in the 36-second video, which has helped the Delhi Traffic Police deliver a message funnily and interactively.
In the video, we can see the person riding his Yamaha R15 rashly on a busy street without wearing a helmet while dodging other vehicles in a risky ‘zig-zag’ manner. However, after a few seconds, the person loses control of his R15 and falls off his motorcycle hastily. After slipping, the person nearly avoided colliding with another motorcycle rider riding carefully ahead of him.

The entire video of the person rashly riding his motorcycle got recorded in the action camera of another Yamaha R15 rider riding behind him. The video ends with a photo-less frame with a garland of flowers over it, with the frame stating ‘He used to perform bike stunts’.

Delhi Traffic Police posts stunt fail video on Twitter to deliver message against rash riding

In the background of the video, a popular Hindi song ‘Meri Marzi’ (my will) is playing, which depicts the risk and carefree riding style of the person. The caption of the video says,

Road par nahi chalegi tumhari marzi, aise stunts karoge toh jodne ke liye bhi nahi milega koi darzi

(The streets are not meant for your risk and carefree riding, and if you do stunts and fall off your motorcycle like this, no tailor will be able to join your broken bones).

With this caption, the Delhi Traffic Police conveyed the message of riding carefully within the restricted speed limits, especially on the congested streets of a city. This post was uploaded on Twitter by Delhi Traffic Police on August 3rd. Since then, the Twitter post has amassed over 4,000 likes and amusing comments from netizens. Several Twitter users have appreciated the funny and creative way of delivering a powerful message by Delhi Traffic Police against rash riding practices, which have become a nuisance for other by-passers.