Delhi woman slaps cab driver, creates a ruckus in a road incident [Video]

With every passing day, the concerns around the rising cases of road rage in India is becoming a bigger nuisance. We have already seen a lot of road rage cases where the situations went out of control resulting in unwanted hassles between the parties involved, which could have been solved peacefully otherwise. One such incident recently happened in New Delhi, in which a woman was caught on camera slapping a cab driver.

The incident is from the Patel Nagar area in New Delhi, where a woman kept on slapping a cab driver, the reasons of which are unknown. The whole incident was captured and uploaded on Twitter on November 17 by a Twitter user. In the video uploaded, the woman is assaulting the cab driver, but the latter is not showing any kind of resistance to the attacks from the woman.

The woman is also seen confronting the bystanders, who were present at the spot where the incident took place. One of the persons standing there tried to object to the woman’s unruly behaviour. However, the woman, in turn, started hurling abuses on that person as well. The person who shot the video also called out the hooliganism of the woman. However, that also didn’t stop the woman from continuing her actions.

In no time, the video that was uploaded on Twitter went viral, and understandably, the netizens have started demanding legal action by the authorities on the woman. The netizens called out the woman for taking the law in her hands, which is wrong no matter whatever the reason is. They also blamed the woman for taking undue advantage of women rights for safety, which has become a norm in many recent cases.

Such incidents have happened before

Delhi woman slaps cab driver, creates a ruckus in a road incident [Video]

The video has been shared by many netizens on Twitter to make sure that suitable legal action is taken against the woman as soon as possible. Till now, Delhi Police has not made any official comments on the video that has gone viral.

A few months ago, a similar incident happened in Lucknow where a girl repeatedly slapped a cab driver in front of the crowd and even a police officer. The incident became viral on the Internet and the police even took action against the cab driver and the incident went on for weeks. It is always a good idea to never engage with anyone on the road. Always try to remain calm and if needed, call the police and stay inside the vehicle until help arrives.

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