Walkaround video of a drone that can carry passengers by Indian vlogger

Using drone to record videos is now a common thing in India. There are several regulations related to flying a drone in India. Outside India, there are several innovations happening when it comes to drone technology. There are drones of different type and sizes available online. While we only use drone for recording videos in India, there are countries that have started testing drones for delivering goods to customers. There is even a drone that can not only carry goods but also passengers. Here we have a detailed video of one such passenger drone.

The video has been uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on her YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about the passenger drone in detail. She talks about the design, interior and exterior and also the range of this drone. The drone seen here in the video is not in India. She does not mention the location in the video. She starts with the exterior design of the passenger drone. The design of this passenger drone looks similar to the ones that we normally use to record videos. It has four arms and each arm has a pair of blades.

The blades or the propeller is actually finished in carbon fiber to ensure that the drone does not get too heavy. All the four arms are connected to the body of the drone. This is were the passenger actually sits. It has a basic design with a small light placed in front of it. The cabin where you normally find the camera gimbal and other components have been converted into a cabin for passenger. All the important wiring and components are probably placed under the floor and rear part of the cabin. Vlogger opens the door and shows how a person can sit inside the drone. This drone can only carry one person at a time.

Walkaround video of a drone that can carry passengers by Indian vlogger

Surprisingly there are no control panels inside the cabin that would help the passenger control the drone. Just like a regular drone, the passenger will sit inside the drone and it will be controlled by an expert from the ground using remote controls. He’ll have a remote control along with other equipment that would help him guide the drone to its destinations. It is definitely going to feel awkward as there are no controls at all inside the cabin. Vlogger then comes out and starts talking abou the technical specifications. There are two motors placed on each arm to propel the drone up in the air.

Just like our regular drone, this passenger version also has a battery pack that needs to be charged. When fully charged the drone offers a maximum flight time of half and hour and has a range of approximately 50 km. It has a top-speed of 160 km but in most countries, the speed is limited to a maximum of 100 kmph which is still very fast for a drone. This is definitely a good technology but will people actually use this to travel from one place to other, only time will tell.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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