Details of the Maruti Suzuki iM-4 Micro SUV’s India Future Emerge

Suzuki unveiled the iM-4 Micro SUV concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. However, the Japanese automaker was tight lipped about the Micro SUV’s future, even as speculations ran rife about Maruti seeking to gun for the Mahindra S101’s jugular with the latest Suzuki offering. Now though, more dope about the new Suzuki Micro SUV has emerged. Reportedly, the new vehicle’s production version is codenamed the YJC and is scheduled for a 2016 debut. This codename also means that the iM-4 will be Maruti Suzuki’s second SUV in the sub-4 meter space, and one that is very distinct from the YBA/XA-Alpha, which will take the Ford EcoSport head on.

Suzuki iM-4 Micro SUV Concept Front

Rumours about Maruti Suzuki getting into the Micro SUV segment – a space whose first occupant will be the Mahindra S101 – have been doing the rounds for a while now. With the iM-4 concept slated for production in 2016, these rumours seem to have some substance to them. The concept version of the Micro SUV that Suzuki showcased at Geneva features a 1.2 liter K-Series petrol motor, supplemented by a mild hybrid system. If and when put into production for the Indian car market, the hybrid system is likely to be omitted in favour of naturally aspirated petrol power. Maruti Suzuki also has the 1 liter K-Series petrol engine’s turbocharged version (BoosterJet) to play with.

Suzuki iM-4 Micro SUV Concept Profile

A turbo diesel engine option could also accompany, with the 1.3 liter Fiat Multijet turbo diesel engine finding its way into the umpteenth Maruti Suzuki vehicle. Another emerging detail is regards the pricing strategy for the YJC code-named vehicle (iM-4 Concept). The automaker is said to be looking at positioning the new utility vehicle below the Ertiga MPV in terms of pricing, which indicates a price tag that is close to Rs. 5 lakh rupees, bang in B-Segment hatchback territory.  At this point in time though, all these pronouncements are points of conjecture. The coming months should shed more details about the shape the iM-4 Micro SUV concept will take.

Suzuki iM-4 Micro SUV Concept Rear

Maruti Suzuki’s power play in the affordable sports utility vehicle segments is taking on a new hue. From being a car maker without a single mass market SUV offering currently, the end of 2017 could see the automaker featuring no less than 4 products in as many segments, each positioned to cater to buyers in every sector below the 20 lakh rupee mark. The country’s leading automaker’s SUV push takes into account the ever growing popularity of high riding vehicles, which suit Indian conditions to a T, not to mention the huge aspiration quotient these vehicles bring to the table. Maruti Suzuki it seems, is all set to storm the SUV space in a big way. The competition had better watch out.

Via TheEconomicTimes