RARE footage of Dhirubhai Ambani’s BMW 750i XL L7 stretched limousine: Video + unseen pictures

Late Dhirubhai Ambani, who created the most valuable Indian brand – Reliance Industries was a passionate automobile enthusiast. Dhirubhai loved luxury cars, especially the limousines and had many of them from Germany and America. One of the favourite cars that he owned back in the days in the stretched BMW E38 750i XL L7. It was spotted a few years back in a garage getting serviced and was recently spotted on the Mumbai roads with the Z Plus security convoy by CS 12 VLOGS

Now, this is a special car and only 899 examples of the vehicle were ever made in the world. It is a rare car around the world and most likely, it is the only example of the BMW 750i XL L7 in India. BMW only sold the 750i XL L7 in the South-East Asian, European and Middle Eastern markets. The XL stands for stretched vehicle and it is quite long, as seen in the video. The pictures of the car are from 2015 when the car went for a service. The latest spotting of the car shows the overall condition of the vehicle and it is immaculate. It is not clear who is driving the vehicle in the video but it seems like one of the Ambani family members living the nostalgia in the rear seat of this extremely rare vehicle.

The exact year of the L7 extended wheelbase version seen here is not known. BMW first launched the L7 version in 1997 and it was sold till 2001. It was the top-of-the-line variant with a 25cm increase over the “iL” variants. The total length of the car was a humongous 5.37 meters. For comparison, the current version of the BMW 7-Series measures 5.23 meters.

That’s not all. It also came with a slew of standard luxury features that include electrically adjustable rear seats, rear footrests, fold-down rear trays, personal rear screens, a fridge, a television screen and a fax machine. The car also came with an optional “privacy window” glass partition that allowed the passengers to isolate the cabin on the move.


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The BMW E38 750i XL L7 came with a powerful engine option. Under the hood, a massive 5.4-litre V12 petrol engine powers the vehicle. It generates a massive 322 Bhp and 490 Nm of peak torque. The car can do 0-100 km/h in just 7 seconds but the top-speed is restricted at 250 km/h due to the safety reasons. It is a rear wheel driven car and the long wheelbase makes it extremely fun-to-drive car. However, most owners preferred to stay in the rear compartment of the vehicle.

Dhirubhai Ambani also owned a few other luxury limousines including a Cadillac Fleetwood, which remains parked at the new house of the Ambani family. There were many other cars used by the founder of Reliance Industries and many of them remain parked at the Antila among many other exotic vehicles.

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