Diesel Automatic SUVs in India under 30 lakh rupees

Snapshot – India, with her pockmarked roads and traffic sense where “might is considered right” is prime SUV territory. However, SUVs can prove to be unwieldy in stop-go traffic, as their large dimensions make driving cumbersome.

To lighten the load on the SUV driver’s grey cells, an automatic transmission is very handy. In an automatic gearbox equipped SUV, the driver can stop worrying about gear shifting and can instead focus on navigating his/her large automobile around India’s traffic maelstrom.

CarToq profiles 7 automatic diesel SUVs, all priced under 30 lakh rupees (ex-showroom Delhi), which offer a blend of convenience and economy, in the Indian sense of the word.

Mahindra Scorpio AT

The least priced diesel automatic SUV in India is the Mahindra Scorpio. While the manual versions of the Scorpio are very strong sellers, making the SUV a best seller in its segment, the automatic variant is bought by a select bunch of buyers who want convenience married with go-anywhere ability and a high seating position.

The Scorpio AT features a 6 speed automatic gearbox. The engine is a 2.2 liter mHawk turbo diesel motor that is good for 120 Bhp-290 Nm. the Scorpio AT is priced at 11.35 lakh rupees for the rear wheel driven variant, with the 4X4 version selling for 12.33 lakh rupees.

Ford Endeavour

At 20.35 lakh rupees, the Ford Endeavour SUV is a large SUV that offers the convenience of an automatic gearbox and diesel power at a relatively affordable price point. The Endeavour features a 3 liter turbo diesel engine that outputs 154 Bhp of peak power and 380 Nm of peak torque.

The engine is mated to a five speed automatic gearbox that drives the rear wheels of the SUV. Ford also sells a pricier, 4X4 version of the Endeavour SUV with the same, 5 speed automatic gearbox. The higher priced Endeavour comes in at 22.05 lakh rupees.

Ssangyong Rexton AT

The Ssangyong Rexton AT is a fully loaded SUV that Mahindra sells and markets in India. Ssangyong is a South Korean SUV maker that was acquired by Mahindra & Mahindra in 2008. The Rexton is Ssangyong’s flagship SUV and the butch vehicle comes with a 2.7 liter-5 cylinder turbo diesel engine that pumps out 184 Bhp-402 Nm.

The automatic gearbox is a 5 speed unit that drives all four wheels by means of an all wheel drive system. The Rexton is priced at 21.11 lakh rupees and is a seven seater. In terms of features and creature comforts for the price demanded, the Rexton offers a better rounded deal than the competition.

Chevrolet Captiva

The Chevrolet Captiva SUV is General Motors’ flagship model in India. The SUV is imported through the completely built unit (CBU) route, which makes it quite pricey at 25.09 lakh rupees for the automatic gearbox equipped variant. The Captiva is powered by a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine mated to a six speed automatic transmission.

An all wheel drive system and the ability to ferry seven adults are standard on the SUV. With a power output of 184 Bhp and a torque output of 424 Nm, the Captiva’s 2.2 liter turbo diesel motor is one of the more powerful motors in the luxury SUV segment.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is literally the “king of the hill” when it comes to its sheer sales numbers in the luxury SUV space. A best seller for Toyota right from the word go, the Fortuner is powered by a 3 liter D-4D turbo diesel engine that outputs 169 Bhp-360 Nm.

The gearbox is a five speed automatic item that powers the rear wheels of the Fortuner. Toyota doesn’t offer an automatic gearbox option on the four wheel drive equipped Fortuner. The SUV’s automatic variant is priced at 22.8 lakh rupees.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The latest entrant to the luxury SUV space in India, the Santa Fe is a flagship product from Hyundai. The Santa Fe is powered by a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine that outputs 194 Bhp of peak power and 437 Nm of peak torque, making the Santa Fe the most powerful luxury SUV in India.

The automatic gearbox on the SUV is a 6 speed item and the Santa Fe is available in rear wheel drive and all wheel drive guise. Packed with features, the Santa Fe is an expensive proposition, with the SUV’s 2 wheel drive automatic variant selling for 25.9 lakh rupees while the all wheel drive automatic variant is priced at 27.9 lakh rupees.

Renault Koleos

The Renault Koleos is a five seater, and the only one at that in this list. A crossover that can do a fair bit of off roading, the Koleos comes with a 2 liter turbo diesel engine that outputs 170 Bhp-360 Nm, which is mated to a six speed automatic gearbox.

The Koleos gets a four wheel drive mode with a low ratio. Due to the Koleos being imported through the completely built unit (CBU) route, pricing is steep. The Koleos is priced at 26.2 lakh rupees, and appeals to those looking for a compact, diesel automatic SUV.