Diesel duel: How the 2014 New Fiat Linea and Honda City compare

The 2014 New Fiat Linea is a very competitively priced mid-size sedan and provides good value for money when compared with the other sedans in its price segment. Take the 2014 Honda City, for instance, and it’s quite evident that the New Fiat Linea makes for a pretty impressive choice as well.

The petrol Honda City and the New Fiat Linea are both cars that have been loved by performance enthusiasts and have their share of fans. Now, let’s take a look at how the diesel variants of these two mid-size sedans compare. Here we compare the New Fiat Linea Emotion diesel (Rs. 9.72 lakh) with the Honda City V variant (Rs. 9.93 lakh) as their prices are similar, ex-showroom Delhi. The Honda City VX variant is far more expensive.

The advantages of the New Fiat Linea


The New Fiat Linea is the largest car in its segment with a bumper-to-bumper length of 4,596 mm, giving it a premium sedan feel. In comparison, the Honda City is more compact at 4,440 mm. The New Linea is also wider than the Honda City. So if you are looking for your money’s worth in real-estate space, the New Fiat Linea is better.

Build quality

The New Linea also feels more premium compared to the Honda City in terms of build quality. The New Linea’s doors and boot close with a hefty thud compared to the Honda City. Fiat has paid a lot of attention to detail in terms of damping material in the New Linea. Look inside the boot lid, for instance, and you’ll see complete felt cladding, while the Honda City has exposed cabling and no damping material.


The lack of damping material can also be felt in the NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels inside the car. At high rpm, there is more engine noise heard the Honda City’s cabin compared to the New Fiat Linea’s, which feels very refined.


Other bits where the New Linea clearly feels better? The size of the tyres. The Honda City rides on skinny 175/65 R15 tyres that have come in for a fair amount of criticism, while the New Fiat Linea rides on wider and taller 205/55 R16 tyres that not only give the car a sportier feel, they also help in better handling.

Bad-road ability

Of course, when it comes to rough roads, the New Fiat Linea is far better equipped to tackle them compared to the Honda City. The New Linea comes with 185 mm of ground clearance, which is comparable to some SUVs, while the Honda City comes with 165 mm of ground clearance. The New Linea also gets a full underbody engine shield that protects it from stones and scrapes, while the City’s engine is exposed.

Driving feel

Take the steering feel and you’ll find that you get a better sense of the road and better feedback from the hydraulically assisted power steering of the New Fiat Linea compared to the electric power steering system used on the Honda City. And then there’s the feel of the gear-shift. The New Fiat Linea has a very smooth shift mechanism, while the Honda City’s gear box is a bit notchy.

Safety protocol

On the safety front, both the New Fiat Linea and Honda City come with dual-stage driver and passenger airbags as well as ABS with EBD — but the New Fiat Linea takes things a little further. It comes with a crash-safety protocol that cuts off fuel supply, automatically opens the doors and turns on the cabin lights in the event of a crash to help in rescue operations.


In terms of features, both cars are well equipped, but there are some things the Linea has which the City does not, such as rear parking sensors (the City gets a reverse camera instead), rear fog lamps and a far more comprehensive multi-information display (MID). The MID in the New Linea allows a user to set speed warnings, displays specific door open alerts, alerts for malfunctions, displays phone book data, etc. The New Linea also has a Blue&Me Bluetooth system that takes voice commands from the driver as well as reads out messages from a paired cellphone on the go.


When it comes to peace of mind for car owners, a better vehicle warranty always helps. Here too, Fiat offers a 3-year standard warranty valid for 100,000 km and a 2-year extended warranty valid for another 50,000 km. Honda offers only a 2-year, 40,000 km standard warranty and an extended warranty of 2-years valid up to 80,000 km.

Overall, if you look at the practicality, features, build and drivability, the New Fiat Linea does come across as a car that offers better value for money.


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