Dilip Chhabria REVEALS 10 new things about the Electric Ambassador

DC2(formerly known as DC Design) recently revealed the electric Ambassador concept. While there were not many details available on the concept vehicle but recently Electric Vehicle Web did an interview with Dilip Chhabria, the bossman of DC2, and he has given out a lot of information on the electric Ambassador. Let’s find out more about the car.

Designed for VVIPs of India

Dilip Chhabria REVEALS 10 new things about the Electric Ambassador

Dilip Chhabria says that the electrified Ambassador has been designed for the high-profile people like Prime Minister and President of India. He said that many states manufacture presidential vehicles for the most important people in the country. The theme has been inspired by The Beast for the US President, Aurus Senat for the President of Russia and Hongqi for the Chinese president.

Wider and longer than Ambassador

The electric Ambassador will be 125mm wider and 170mm longer than the stock Hindustan Ambassador that has been discontinued in the market now. The electric Ambassador bigger dimensions will also ensure that it gets a roomier cabin space.

Engineered in Switzerland

Dilip Chhabria revealed that the electric Ambassador has been engineered completely by a Swiss manufacturer. Also, all the electrical in the car have been designed by the Swiss firm. We all know how reliable Swiss manufactured products can be! However, they did not reveal the name of the manufacturer.

Cabin heavily inspired by original Ambassador

The cabin of the electric Amby will be inspired by the original Ambassador. DC revealed that the dashboard will be heavily inspired by the Amberoid concept, which is another concept vehicle that never made it to the production. The original cabin-inspired design of the e-Amby will help the car to have the original DNA but underneath, it will be all modern equipment.

Production goals revealed

Dilip Chhabria REVEALS 10 new things about the Electric Ambassador

DC Design already has an unutilised production line that was made for the DC Avanti. The DC2 electric Ambassador will utilise that assembly line when it goes into production. DC2 plans to produce about 5,000 units of the vehicle and export it around the world. There are no figures given for the India-specific market though.

Launch date revealed

DC2 has said that they have received a massive response for the Ambassador EV. It surpasses their expectations. This is why they are planning to launch the vehicle as soon as possible. As per Mr Chhabria, the car will be production-ready next year and the official launch is expected to happen by the end of 2021.

Gullwing doors

Dilip Chhabria REVEALS 10 new things about the Electric Ambassador

The electric Ambassador will get gullwing style doors that were last seen on the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It will also get carbon spaceframe that is some very advanced level of technology. It will provide a strong and lightweight platform to the electric Ambassador.

High performance

Electric vehicles offer high torque right from the start, which is why they have better performance compared to regular vehicles. As per DC, the Ambassador EV will be able to do 0-60 km/h in just 4 seconds! That’s extremely high performance.

Range revealed

Dilip Chhabria REVEALS 10 new things about the Electric Ambassador

Even though the charge capacity of the batteries and the details of the electric powertrain is not known, DC revealed that it will be able to do 250 km in a single charge. The 250 km is enough to use it as a daily car for regular commutes.

Indicated price revealed

The upcoming electric Ambassador will be priced at half of the price of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The most affordable E-Class in India is priced at Rs 60 lakhs while the most expensive is priced at Rs 75 lakhs. So we can expect a price tag of around Rs 30-35 lakhs on the Ambassador EV.