Dilip Chhabria’s bail rejected, sister arrested in Kapil Sharma cheating case

Dilip Chhabria’s sister Kanchan has been arrested in the DC Avanti scam, along with Mr. Nihal Bajaj, a senior sales executive at Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt Limited. Ms. Kanchan Chhabria is the CEO of Dilip Chhabria Design Pvt Limited, a company founded by her brother and noted designer Dilip Chhabria. Mr. Chhabria is also in the custody of Mumbai police after a court rejected his bail plea.

Dilip Chhabria’s bail rejected, sister arrested in Kapil Sharma cheating case

His son, Bonito Chhabria, who’s a director in one of the firms run by Dilip Chhabria, is a co-accused, and the Mumbai Police is said to have launched a manhunt for him. The crime branch of Mumbai Police arrested Ms. Chhabria and Mr. Bajaj on Wednesday, and produced them before the 37th Metropolitan Magistrate’s court yesterday.

Meanwhile, Milind Bharambe the joint commissioner of police (crime), had this to say about Ms. Chhabria’s arrest in the Kapil Sharma vanity van case,

The action was taken after her alleged role surfaced in the case. In 2018 when VAT became GST, DC Designs had asked for additional Rs 40 lakhs, which Sharma paid him, but still, DC Designs did not provide him with his ready vanity van. 

Popular comedian Kapil Sharma reportedly paid Rs. 5.3 crores to Dilip Chhabria Designs Pvt Limited for a vanity van based on a Bharat Benz bus chassis. However, the design firm allegedly did not deliver the vanity van even after Mr. Sharma made the full payment, following which the comedian registered a case against the firm for cheating him of over Rs. 5 crore.

Apart from the vanity van cheating case filed by Kapil Sharma, Dilip Chhabria, his son Bonito and his sister Kanchan face a slew of other charges related to the DC Avanti scam. The scam, said to be worth over Rs. 100 crores, involves Dilip Chhabria Designs Pvt Ltd (DCDPL) committing acts of forgery while selling  over 100 DC Avanti sportscars. About 90 units of these manufactured cars were allegedly sold using fraudulent financing by taking loans from non-banking financing companies (NBFC).

How did the Mumbai police unearth the scam?

Dilip Chhabria’s bail rejected, sister arrested in Kapil Sharma cheating case


The scam was unearthed after the Mumbai Police reportedly received a tip that a DC Avanti with fake registration number was parked outside the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. The cops laid a trap to intercept the vehicle and were able to do that successfully. Upon interception, The cops found out that the vehicle was registered in Tamil Nadu while the chassis and the VIN were registered in Haryana RTO under a different registration number.

The car owner, who is from Tamil Nadu failed to explain the same to the police. Curiously, the police also found out that the address in Haryana belongs to Dilip Chhabria’s company. The cops then seized the vehicle and asked the owner of the vehicle to become a complainant in the case. The cops also suspect that Chhabria’s company released cars with the same VIN and chassis numbers to fool financial organizations.

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