Disgruntled Kia Carens owner warns others to not buy the car

Disgruntled customers can really go the distance. Here is a Kia Carens owner show is parading his car around with a banner stuck to the rear of the vehicle. It asks other people not to buy Kia cars.

Disgruntled Kia Carens owner warns others to not buy the car

The incident has become viral on the Internet but the cause behind the move remains unknown. The owner of the car is driving around with a banner that says “People who want to buy Kia cars should be alert, I bought the Kia garbage for Rs 19 lakh.” He has also shared the phone number at the bottom.

The customer drove the Carens MPV around the headquarters of Kia in Gurugram, Haryana. He hoped to catch the eyes of Kia officials. The customer did not share the exact reason for being unhappy with the car.

The 7-seater MPV came to the Indian market earlier this year. However, due to massive production limitations, many customers waited for months before getting their hands on the MPV. In fact, many customers even cancelled the bookings and chose other vehicles with a lower waiting period due to production restrictions.

Not the first such incident

Disgruntled Kia Carens owner warns others to not buy the car

An owner of a Toyota Urban Cruiser took out a procession in a similar fashion. However, there are many other owners who are unhappy with the services of different manufacturers and staged similar protests in the past.

In the past, we have seen vehicles like Ford Endeavour, Skoda Octavia, MG Hector and many other vehicles in a similar situation. Even high-end luxury car manufacturers are not spared by unhappy customers. In an incident, a frustrated owner of a BMW X1 made his car work like a garbage collector.

Disgruntled Kia Carens owner warns others to not buy the car

In fact, even a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and a Jaguar XF faced similar situations where the owners towed the vehicles with the help of donkeys to protest. Even the highly reliable Toyota brand could not escape the brunt of the owners and it also became a part of a similar parade when the owner got his Toyota Land Cruiser towed by donkeys.

No lemon car law in India

Disgruntled Kia Carens owner warns others to not buy the car

There is no law to protect consumers from bad products in India. While there are consumer courts where a customer can complain but there is no law that directs the manufacturer to exchange the lemon vehicle with a new one. Such laws are common in developed countries. According to such laws, any appliance, car, truck or motorcycle that is found to be defective should be replaced immediately, or compensation should be given to the customer.

India has a large portion of customers who are not very happy with the products they purchase. The promised quality or the performance is not delivered by many goods. While some consumer laws protect customers in India, litigation often takes years. A new set of rules or a simpler form of consumer protection law will make the customers much happier and will generate trust between the manufacturers and the customers.