Disgruntled Mercedes Benz employee goes on rampage, destroys 69 cars worth 50 crores

A former disgruntled worker of Mercedes-Benz went on a berserk streak and used a stolen JCB to wreck vehicles. The former worker did the smashing job in Spain Mercedes-Benz factory where he used to work. The 38-year old allegedly destroyed around 50 brand-new cars, which were parked outside the assembly line.

The 38-year old former worker did the job on 31st December. He first stole a JCB and drove it for 18 miles or about 29 km to reach the factory. The Mercedes-Benz factory is located on an industrial estate in the Basque capital Vitoria, northern Spain.

The most damaged vehicles is a shipment of Mercedes-Benz V-Class van and the new eVitos. The incident occurred during the early hours of Thursday. After the former worker broke the perimeter of the factor and started his wrecking job, a security guard posted in the compound fired a warning shot in the air to stop the suspect. However, the guard did not take any direct action to stop the person and waited for the cops to arrive first according to the local reports.

The police officers have said that the disgruntled worker worked between 2016 and 2017 in the factory. The exact reason for the attract remains unknown at the moment. However, cops have started the investigations. Initial reports suggest that Mercedes-Benz has estimated damage worth £1.78 and £4.45 million. I roughly translate to about Rs 50 crore. The JCB was stolen from a construction firm on an industrial estate in Legutiano.

Work-revenge related crime

The pictures of the wrecked vehicles have become viral online. While the cops are still investigating the incident, they have said that the person who did this had some work-related problems. He took the step as revenge. The person is currently in police custody said a spokesperson for the local police. When the cops arrived at the spot, they found the man still smashing the vehicles with the JCB.

The pictures show wrecked V-Class vans lying in the open. In some cases, the doors of the vehicles have been ripped apart with the JCB. Mercedes-Benz has not officially said anything on the matter and is yet to release an official statement. The police have arrested the man on suspicion of causing criminal damage to the vehicles.

The former worker also did other damage on the road while driving the JCB to the Mercedes-Benz factory. The police have to announce the exact damages but it is likely to be public property damages.

First such incident

While there are many who show their displeasure to the employer by holding marches and doing protests on the site, this is one of its kind revenge that we have seen in a long time. The former worker is likely to be found guilty of the charges in the future. The police have not revealed the details like how did they catch the person on the site after reaching at the spot though. In India, disgruntled workers often hold protests forcing to shut down the production and delay the manufacturing.