Distracted mother drives Nexon into ditch: Kind bikers help pull it back onto the road [Video]

A road accident is always an unfortunate turn of events, which leaves unpleasant memories in the back of the mind of the survivors. However, the promptness and presence of the mind of passers-by who help people meet with an accident ease that pain by a huge margin. Here’s a recent example of a Tata Nexon owner who got prompt help from a group of bikers, when she met with an accident, putting up a right example of how responsible should every citizen be in such conditions.

In a YouTube video from AP Riderm07, we can see a group of motorcycle riders who came to the rescue of a Tata Nexon driver, who met with an accident while driving on a curvy ghat section road. The videos show a group of motorcycle riders riding on a busy road, and moving ahead on their ride, they witnessed a Tata Nexon which mistakenly fell off the road into a ditch. On further enquiry, they came to know that a woman driver mistakenly had driven into the ditch due to distraction while driving.

Helping hands

Distracted mother drives Nexon into ditch: Kind bikers help pull it back onto the road [Video]

When the group of riders came forward to help, they saw another person who was trying to take the Nexon out of the ditch. The person tried several times to take the SUV out, but he failed in all of his attempts. However, the bikers came forward to his help and pushed the Nexon from the back, which caused the SUV to slightly come out of the ditch. However, the rear left wheel of the Nexon was still stuck in the ditch, while the front wheels had come into contact with the road.

After a few seconds of brainstorming, the bikers and other people gathered there to help put a few stones in front of the left front wheel, so that the Nexon gets sufficient traction to move ahead. The idea paid off well, and the Nexon driver managed to drive the SUV out of the ditch completely. While the SUV managed to come out on the road in the end, the Nexon owner was left with a broken lower air dam and a skid plate placed on the front bumper.

While the prompt help shown by the people at the spot of the accident shows the responsible behaviour of people in such an adverse condition, it also once again proved how strong is the build quality of Nexon. Despite it falling into the ditch, the Tata Nexon came out with minor damages and no bruises to the occupants present in it at the time of the accident.