Distracted pedestrian crossing road narrowly escapes from bus, gets hit by car: Survives! [Video]

Indian roads are considered to be extremely dangerous and the high number of accidents do confirm the same. While most people ignore those rules and regulations, we get to see numerous close encounters every day. Here is one such incident that shows a distracted pedestrian crossing the road.

The incident posted by Cyberabad Traffic Police shows a man waiting at a junction to cross the road. Notably, there is no zebra crossing on the road. However, the man waits for the right moment and starts walking. It is a 2-lane road so it is decently wide. As the man reaches the middle of the road, he stops looking at the oncoming traffic for a second.

A speeding car notices the pedestrian and applies the brakes. While the man gets confused and starts moving around. The car fails to stop and hits the pedestrian. He gets thrown away but it is safe and escapes any major injuries.

While there is no zebra crossing here, the man could have crossed the road more carefully. It is extremely dangerous to cross the road, especially if it is a highway. Due to the high speed of the cars on such highways, it is difficult to judge the distance. However, one should always look at the incoming traffic while crossing the roads.

Distracted pedestrian crossing road narrowly escapes from bus, gets hit by car: Survives! [Video]

In India like many other countries, pedestrians get the right of way. However, one cannot slow down or stop the car immediately if a pedestrian appears out of nowhere. Like the vehicles, the authorities should also sensitize the pedestrians on how to cross the roads and impose challans if they cross the roads in a wrong manner.

Avoid such accidents

Crossroads are where most accidents occur in India, often resulting from negligence. To prevent such avoidable crashes, it is crucial to slow down at junctions and thoroughly check both ways before crossing. Even when the traffic signal is green, always verify that no one is disregarding the signal from the other side and potentially heading towards you. Additionally, slowing down at junctions is paramount, even when the roads appear empty. Pedestrains are almost invisible at high speed. So make sure that you are more careful whenever you approach a junctuion and slow down.

Pedestrians should always be more careful and use foot over bridges, subways or zebra crossings to cross the road whenever possible. Crossing the road while using phone and other such distractive devices can be lethal and will definately lead to accidents.