District Magistrate’s wife caught using Mahindra Bolero to learn driving during Corona Virus lockdown [Video]

India has recently extended the lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus and the government has given strict instructions to maintain social distancing and remain inside the homes. While most of the citizens of India are following the lockdown direction and staying at home, there are a few who give little regard to such lockdown rules. Kiran Jain, wife of Sub Divisional Magistrate, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh broke down the lockdown rules and was found driving the official Mahindra Bolero on the roads. She was reportedly learning how to drive on the empty streets.

The video, which has now become viral shows Kiran Jain on the driver seat of the official Bolero MUV in Raipur. She can be seen accompanied by the official driver of the vehicle. After a local spotted her and stopped her, Kiran got off the vehicle and entered the rear seat of the Bolero. The onlooker recorded the video and asked her where is she going. She replied that she does not want to talk about it and she has all the required documents including the driving license. When they demanded her to show the driving license, she said that it was at her home.

The news channels then reached the SDM, Anil Jain for comments. On hearing the incident, Mr Jain said that he got to know about the incident and will investigate the matter. He will direct the cops to take appropriate actions based on the investigation. It is not known if the lady holds a valid driving license.

It should be noted that she was driving the official vehicle provided to the SDM and the official driver of the vehicle was sitting on the co-driver seat. It is not known if the SDM knew about it.

The cops from all over India are taking drastic measures to ensure that everyone follows the lockdown rules. Many state cops are seizing vehicles and have said that they will not return it to the owners until the lockdown gets over. The cops are even issuing heavy fines to the people who are coming out of their homes without any reason.

District Magistrate’s wife caught using Mahindra Bolero to learn driving during Corona Virus lockdown [Video]

The lockdown, which was imposed all through India was originally supposed to end on 14th April. However, to further contain the spread of the coronavirus, the government has announced an extension of the lockdown. The authorities of states like UP and Delhi have created hotspot zones and have sealed off the area completely to ensure that no one comes out from the zone to stop the coronavirus infections. With the rising numbers of coronavirus cases in India, the authorities are struggling to keep people inside their homes. We do hope that the cops take strict action and make an example of Kiran Jain.