Do the Kiki challenge this way, and even the police will approve [Video]

Kiki challenge or the “In my feelings” challenge has taken over the Internet by storm. After becoming viral in foreign countries, the challenge has finally become popular in India with many celebrities taking part in it. The challenge involves a person getting out of a moving car and dancing to the song, which is quite dangerous and has caused a few accidents. Even the police forces of different states have advised against the “Kiki” challenge on the public roads and have issued a warning of a jail term too.

If you still want to attempt the challenge without the cops noticing you, here is a way! The video has become viral on the internet and shows a safe way of attempting the Kiki challenge. In the video, two guys can be seen taking the Kiki challenge in a field. Instead of a vehicle, they can be seen using a bullock kart and dancing beside it. It sure is a safe way as there is no danger of other cars hitting you on the road.

There have been a few accidents in the past and doing anything outside a moving car is not a good idea, especially on the public roads. Many celebrities have attempted the Kiki challenge in India, which has made it even more popular. The police forces are struggling to make people understand how dangerous it can be. Even though the cops have banned the challenge, there are many who are still attempting it in a bid to become an internet sensation.

The viral videos inspire many more people and the chain goes on, which is a big safety concern. Distractive driving is very dangerous and the vehicle can get involved in accidents. It may look fun but it does not take much time to change. People taking the ‘Kiki Challenge’ outside moving cars not only put their own lives in danger but fellow road users also face the risk of getting hit by other vehicles. There are many fake videos online that show people getting hit by other vehicles while completing the challenge, but it can happen in real life too. It is a very stupid idea to get off a moving vehicle on the public roads and the consequences can be very unfavourable.