Do you want to know what Robert Vadra drives, and rides?


Businessman Robert Vadra is a controversial figure. The husband of Priyanka Gandhi, who happens to be the daughter of the late Rajiv Gandhi and the current Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, Robert Vadra has been accused of making windfall gains through shady property deals. We’re not a political blog, and so we’ll steer clear of the shady stuff. Let’s talk cars and see what Robert Vadra drives. Oh, and he’s also said to have a thing for motorcycles and cycles. We’ll touch upon those things too.

Porsche Panamera

Robert Vadra Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is perhaps the sportiest car in the Robert Vadra garage. The Panamera is a grand tourer, one that combines sportscar-like performance in a luxury car setting. A comfortable, high performance machine for four, Robert Vadra is seen driving this car with his dog on the front seat.

Robert Vadra in his Panamera

[Images courtesy IndiaToday]

The car is available with turbo diesel, petrol and petrol-hybrid engine options. The least priced Panamera sold in India costs about 1.16 crore rupees, going all the way up to 1.6 crore rupees.



BMW 7-Series

Robert Vadra BMW

The BMW 7-Series luxury saloon is the sportiest offering in its class, one that’s a staple among the garages of the moneyed. The 7-Series is available with turbo petrol, petrol-hybrid and turbo diesel engine options, and is due to a full-model change soon. Robert Vadra has been spotted using a 7-Series luxury saloon as his everyday car. Competition for the 7-Series comes from the likes of the Mercedes Benz S-Class, the Audi A8 and the Jaguar XJ.

BMW 7-Series

Jaguar XJ

Robert Vadra iJaguar

Talking of Jaguars, Robert Vadra owns a XJ too, and is seen in the back seat of one. The XJ is the top-of-the-line luxury saloon in the Jaguar range of cars sold in India. Like the BMW 7-Series, the base variant of the XJ uses a 3 liter turbo diesel engine, while the top end model is quite different from the rest of the luxury saloons, for it uses a 5 liter V8 supercharged petrol motor. Luxurious and more unique on the road, the XJ has massive street presence, and styling to die for.


Toyota Land Cruiser

Robert vadra in his Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser is a rugged yet luxurious SUV that can take you to the moon and back. Well, the sheer longevity and hardy nature of this Toyota makes us get into such superlatives. Robert Vadra uses the Land Cruiser as his trusty everyday vehicle. Big ground clearance and an imposing street presence means that the Land Cruiser has its way in Indian traffic. A completely-built-unit imported straight from Japan, this luxurious Toyota SUV uses a 4.6 liter V8 turbo diesel engine with 262 Bhp and 560 Nm on tap.

toyota landcruiser 200 vs india photo

Suzuki Boulevard 1800 Cruiser

Robert Vadra on the Suzuki Boulevard Cruiser 1800

Robert Vadra also likes big ore bikes. The Suzuki Boulevard cruiser is among his favourites. This motorcycle is known as the Intruder in India, but the one Vadra has isn’t sold in India. The Boulevard nameplate is used in international markets, and this means that Vadra has imported his set of two wheels. Featuring a mammoth 1,800cc V-Twin petrol engine, the Boulevard is one of the largest engined cruisers around. The motorcycle’s engine puts out 127 Bhp-160 Nm, and is priced at 16 lakh rupees in India.

Robert Vadra on the Suzuki Boulevard Cruiser 1800 1

FELT S22 with carbon fiber wheels

Robert Vadra on his FELT S22

Vadra is a known fitness enthusiast and before he closed his Facebook account after the “Mango People” controversy, he was known to dispense fitness advice to his fans and followers. Cycling is a part of the man’s fitness regimen, and the set of wheels he has is quite expensive. The FELT S22 endurance bicycle that Vadra uses is priced about a lakh rupees. FELT is a high performance cycle brand from the US of A. He’s even customized it with carbon fiber wheels, which costs another lakh rupees. So, the next time you see Vadra cycling about Lutyens, Z-Security in tow, you know what exactly he’s riding.