Doctor claims that video showing leaking Mahindra Scorpio-N sunroof is fake: Here’s his take

A video of a leaking sunroof in a Mahindra Scorpio N SUV has been circulating on the internet since the last couple of days. The owner had alleged that the sunroof of his SUV leaked after he parked his car under a waterfall in one of his recent road trip. After the short video of sunroof leaking became viral, the owner came with an extended version of the video to share details about the incident. Now we have a video from a doctor who has shared it on his blog that the video shared by the YouTuber where the sunroof on Scorpio N is seen leaking is actually fake.

Dr. Vikas Singh, Urologist and Uro Cancer specialist at Kokilaben Hospital, Indore shared his views about the incident in his blog. Dr. Vikas calls himself a car enthusiast and has shared his views on his personal blog because he could not upload the same on his YouTube channel due to copyright issues. In this blog, the Dr. has taken the first video which is almost 12 minutes long and reviewed it to show why he thinks that the video is fake.

One of the first thing that he points out in this video was that the owner had left the windows of the co-passenger side open. When he parked the car under the waterfall, the water fell. The next thing he points out in the video was that in this video, the event was recorded from multiple angle and the owner had parked the car under the waterfall for close to 11 seconds while the camera recording from outside shows that the car was only parked there for few seconds.

Doctor claims that video showing leaking Mahindra Scorpio-N sunroof is fake: Here’s his take

One of the other things that he points out in the video is that the video that was recorded from outside shows all the windows closed while the camera setup inside the cabin shows the windows were open. The fourth reason why the Doctor believes the video is fake is because in one shot, the cabin does not show any wires lying or wrapped around the gear lever however when the camera person is trying to show the cabin, the wires are not there anymore.

Although the Doctor here feels that the video is fake, we have a different opinion. The vlogger has already come up with a detailed video that shows what exactly happened. When the sunroof leaked under the waterfall for the first time, the windows were closed and the vlogger was taken by surprise. This is the footage where we see the car moves away from the waterfall within seconds. The vlogger then takes the camera with him to show that the sunroof was actually closed and the water was leaking. Before he took the car under the waterfall again, he removed his belonging from the center console including the wires.

Although the Doctor is claiming that the video is fake, he still does not have an explanation on why the water was falling from the speaker grille of the Scorpio N mounted on the roof. We feel, it was just an error that occurred while editing the video and it is not fake. The vlogger in another video clearly mentions that the seal on the sunroof had failed and that is the reason why water leaked into the cabin when he parked it under the waterfall. Rubber seals around sunroof can leak under high pressure and cause such problems however, this was a fairly new vehicle and we have seen many vehicle with even larger sunroofs go under such waterfalls and come out without any problems.