Doctor gets cop BUSTED for same offence when stopped for driving without seatbelt [Video]

The new amended Motor Vehicle Act (MVA), which came into effect from 1st September 2019 has created quite a few unsettling scenarios in the recent past. While a few states have not implemented the new stricter laws since they have caused a public uproar, police forces of various states are working to ensure that the new fines are strictly implemented. In retaliation, the public is also going after the cops and forcing them to follow the rules or pay the fines. Here is an incident from Purnea, Bihar where a doctor forced a police officer to issue a fine to himself.

The incident recorded on the video is during a regular police checking. According to the video, the police officers stopped the doctor for not wearing a seatbelt while driving. The doctor came out of the vehicle and was waiting to pay the fine. He noticed that the driver of the Police Control Room (PCR) van that had just stopped at the spot is also not wearing the seatbelt. The vehicle belonged to the Traffic Police Inspector according to the nameplate on the vehicle. The doctor then started recording the driver of the PCR van and asked the other police officials why is he not wearing a seatbelt. The police officers, who were busy stopping the other vehicles on the road said that they will issue a challan to the driver.

The doctor then asked the police officers to issue the fine to the culprit police driver first and only then he will accept the fine. The police officers present at the spot were then forced to issue a fine to the driver of the PCR van on the spot. It can be seen in the camera that the police officers issue a fine to the driver. The fine amount for not wearing a seatbelt is Rs 1,000. After the cops issued the fine to the driver, they proceed to fine the doctor too.

Doctor gets cop BUSTED for same offence when stopped for driving without seatbelt [Video]

It should be noted that under the new MV Act, the government officials, including the cops can be fined twice the fine amount. However, since most people do not know about it, it is not enforced properly. The new rules were implemented by the government to bring down the high rate of accidents on the roads across India. Many states have reported that the number of fines has gone down after the implementation of the new MV Act.

However, there are a few states that have not implemented the new rules. These states cited that the corruption will go up due to the increased fine amounts, which is why they will not implement the new rules that force the motorists to pay huge amount of fine compared to the older rules.