Doctor plasters Toyota Innova with cow dung for daughter’s wedding: Here’s why

There are quite a few unique ways of seeing off the daughter in traditional Indian marriages. In the past, we have seen father bidding farewell to newly wedded couples in helicopter among many other ways. A doctor from Kolhapur did something very unique on his daughter’s wedding. He pasted the wedding car with cow dung.

The doctor, who is known as Navnath Dudhal from Kolhapur coated the wedding car with cow dung. The visitors who exclaimed at the cow dung wrapped vehicle later realised that the doctor was promoting the use of the same. The doctor believes that cow dung can cure cancer and remove all other illness from a human body. That is why Dr Dadhal took the opportunity to promote the use of cow dung.

Mr Dudhal also added that the risks of global warming are increasing and that is why the indigenous cows are becoming important for the conservation of the environment. He also said that dunging the vehicle with cow dung reduces the temperature of the cabin. Further, Mr Dudhal said that the cow dung protects the occupants from mobile radiation. As per the doctor, it takes three buckets of water to wash the car daily and putting a layer of cow dung saves water too. He says that with the cow dung coat on the car, he wants to promote water-saving and protect the environment.  The cow dung coated Toyota Innova also has flowers and garlands on it. The couple also posted a picture of themselves with the car.

Doctor plasters Toyota Innova with cow dung for daughter’s wedding: Here’s why

This is not the first instance where a person has applied a coat of cow dung on their vehicles. During the last summer season, many from various parts of India started applying cow dung on their vehicle to make sure that the cabin temperature remains low. However, there is no scientific explanation given by them.

While it is true that applying cow dung on the mud houses keeps the interior cool, the same theory cannot be held for a car, which is made out of metal. Also, the doctor claims that adding the cow dung will reduce mobile radiation but there is no study that proves the same. It should be noted that no study on the medical effects of the cow dung or cow urine has not been proved. Nonetheless, it is becoming a new trend in the country.

In the past, an owner of Toyota Corolla Altis coated her vehicle with cow dung. A few weeks later, a Mahindra XUV500 was spotted with a similar cow dung coat.