Dog causes India’s first Baleno RS crash!

Indian roads are full of nasty surprises and that’s why they are also called one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Unmarked speed breakers, huge potholes and stray animals are all too common on roads here. Tackling one such situation, Maruti’s fastest car in India, the Baleno RS turned upside down. Let’s find out more about the accident.

What happened?

Dog causes India’s first Baleno RS crash!

The crash took place in Kerala, a state famous for its narrow but well-surfaced roads. The Baleno RS that was involved in the crash is a brand new vehicle with temporary number plates. According to the witnesses, the vehicle was cruising at a high speed when the crash took place.

The Maruti Baleno RS driver lost control of the vehicle in an attempt to save the dog that came out suddenly out of nowhere. The driver applied the brakes in panic and ABS kicked in. After realising that the car would not stop in time, the driver then took a hard turn to go out of the way of the dog.

Dog causes India’s first Baleno RS crash!

The stray dog escaped the situation but the Baleno RS hit the divider and the vehicle overturned on the road. The Baleno’s driver side front suspension took a massive hit after hitting the divider. From the pictures, we can see that the passenger side tail lamp and the body have also been damaged severely.

Dog causes India’s first Baleno RS crash!

From the pictures, it looks like the airbags have deployed successfully saving the occupants from any critical injuries. Even though the Baleno is resting on its roof, the Baleno RS looks like it has very stable structure and the pillars did not budge to the weight.

Speeding in India

Indian roads can be very unpredictable. Given the condition of the roads, speeding can lead to very serious situations. There are people crossing the roads, stray animals and other motorists who do not follow the rules. Speeding can be really dangerous, especially if you do not know the area well.

Speeding also gives you very less time to react if there is an emergency on the road. Also, following 3-second rule in the city is essential to escape such situation. Always maintain a 3-second gap from the car ahead of you, that way, if the car if front of you has to brake suddenly, you will not run into it.

What to do if an animal suddenly comes in front?

Dog causes India’s first Baleno RS crash!

Stray animals can appear out of nowhere causing panic. To safely avoid such situations, one should always be ready.

  • Always check your mirrors every 5-seconds to see the position of the other motorists on the road. If an animal appears suddenly in front of you, you will know if you should brake or change to lane without affecting the motorists behind you.
  • If you are too fast to brake, always honk. Dogs have a better sense of hearing than seeing, honking will get them out of the way faster than using the dipper.
  • Always use hazard lights if you have to brake suddenly to caution the vehicles behind you.
  • Do not ever change lanes if you think that you’re too quick. Changing lanes suddenly may put your vehicle out of control.
  • If you have an animal, check for the damage in the radiator before starting again. Bigger animals like cows can cause severe damage to the vehicles.

Image Credits: WhatsApp