How is this dog driving the Maruti 800 in Shillong? We EXPLAIN [Video]

Dog Driving Car Featured

Indian roads are quite crowded with bizarre and off-beat sights. Even though the most bizarre sightings on the roads are jugaads of some sorts and are ignored by people, this video is something incredible that cannot be missed. The video comes from Shillong, where a dog can be seen driving a car. The video has become viral on the Internet. Here is all you want to know about it.

What is happening?

The video shows a pet dog on the driving seat of the Maruti 800 with a human co-driver. The blue coloured Maruti 800 can be seen going through the busy streets of the Shillong city. There are two videos of the dog driving the car. In one of the videos, the dog is negotiating the busy streets of the city among other cars. This video has been made by a fellow road user who is in his own vehicle. The second video is also made from another vehicle but the roads are relatively empty. The video looks unbelievable but it is really happening…


Well, dogs are considered as the best friends of humans and it would be extremely pleasing to have them on the driver’s seat too but unfortunately, this is an impossible task for the canines. Just like magic on stage, this is an elaborate set-up and the real trick is happening somewhere else. The dog can sure be seen on the driver’s seat but it is not controlling the vehicle. It has been well-trained to keep the front paws on the steering wheel so it is doing that well giving an illusion that the dog is driving.

However, it is the co-driver that is controlling the vehicle completely. Either the co-driver has very long legs that he is using to control the throttle, brake and accelerator while sitting calmly on the passenger seat. Maruti Suzuki 800 is a small car and it can be a possibility but if it sounds too unrealistic for you, there is another possibility. The car used in the video is a training car that is modified to have the throttle, brake and accelerator pedal on the co-driver side too.

How is this dog driving the Maruti 800 in Shillong? We EXPLAIN [Video]

It allows the trainer to control the car without any problem while teaching newbies how to drive. As for the steering wheel control, well, the paws of any dog are not grippy enough to hold the steering wheel and control it. It is the trainer again, who is holding the bottom of the steering wheel and control the vehicle.

While this may seem bizarre to many, it can be dangerous on the road and for sure, could have turned into an accident. It is illegal when done on the public roads like the video shows but on private roads, no one will stop you from doing this trick.

The dog’s name is Toby and it has been trained for a long time. The dog has been trained to do various tricks since it was 7-8 months old.