Bajaj Dominar Rider Crashing Into Cow Shows What Even One Moment Of Distraction Can Do [Video]

Cow in front of bike

Indian roads are filled with surprises. There are several examples available online that show how risky it is to ride on Indian roads. Every day, hundreds of accidents are reported from across the country. In some cases, people get involved in accidents for no fault of their own, due to wrong-side driving, reckless driving, jaywalkers, and stray animals. We have seen several instances where stray cattle have caused accidents on highways. Here, we have one such video where a cow comes in front of a biker and causes a crash. Thankfully, both the biker and the cattle survived without any injuries.

The video has been shared by Trippy on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger, who was riding a Dominar motorcycle with his group, was passing through a village. The group was on a road trip, but the exact location of the crash is not mentioned in the video. There is also a pillion on the Dominar.

The rider was enjoying the view of the village while riding the motorcycle at a slow pace. Some of the other members from his group were riding faster than him, as seen in the video. However, the vlogger was busy enjoying the sunset.

We can see a person walking on the side of the road, with a cow right next to him on the road. Both the man and the cow were walking straight. The rider saw the man, but he didn’t see the cow.

As the bike reached closer to the man, the cow decided to turn and cross the road. It walked right in front of the road, and the biker had no time to apply brakes or slow down. The bike crashed into the cow, and both of them lost balance and fell down. The biker and pillion were on the road, but it looks like they were wearing proper riding gear, which saved them from any kind of injuries.

Bajaj Dominar Rider Crashing Into Cow Shows What Even One Moment Of Distraction Can Do [Video]
Cow in front of bike

The vlogger mentions that after hitting the cow, the handlebar of his motorcycle broke, and other panels were also damaged. However, he was not worried about the bike. The cow was lying in the middle of the road and was not moving.

He thought the cow was seriously injured or got killed in the accident. Such accidents in village areas are extremely risky, as people often extort money and also assault the riders. Thankfully, a few seconds after the crash, the cow stood up and walked away as if nothing had happened.

The bike was not fast, which minimized the injuries to both the cow and the rider. Just behind the rider, there were locals on a bike, and they saw what exactly happened. They were in support of the biker and said that the cow came in front of the bike out of nowhere, and the biker didn’t get a chance to stop.

The biker was extremely lucky to have escaped from this crash without any major injuries. This video is a good example that shows why Indian roads are extremely dangerous to drive or ride on and why one must always keep their eyes not just on the road but also on the surroundings.