Donald Trump spotted in BEAST & Chevrolet Suburban during India visit: Details of his super safe cars

The president of United States, Donald Trump landed in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for an official tour of India. Regarded as one of the most powerful men in the world, Donald Trump is guarded by one of the most lethal and powerful forces in the world – the Secret Service. To ensure the safety of the US president, Secret Service uses their own vehicle, plane and even a helicopter to transport the president, even on the international tours. Even before the arrival of the US President, his motorcade arrived in the country and was ready to pick him up when he landed today. Secret Service uses a C-17 Globemaster plane to transport the motorcade of the president and arrive at the location days before the schedule.

Donald Trump spotted in BEAST & Chevrolet Suburban during India visit: Details of his super safe cars

Even though the new Cadillac One was delivered to the President in 2018, it did not come to India for unknown reasons. Only a few days back, the new Cadillac One was spotted taking a lap at the Daytona 500 track with the president Donald Trump. We believe that there are not enough units of the new Cadillac One limousines, which is why the Secret Service is using the older vehicles. Apart from the Cadillac One, the president also moves in a heavily armoured Chevrolet Suburban and here are all the details that you want to know about both the cars.

Cadillac One

The older Cadillac One was replaced in 2018 with an all-new model. However, the car that the Secret Service has got to India is the older version of the car. Yet, it remains one of the safest cars in the world and is heavily loaded with defence mechanisms. It is built by General Motors and is fully customised. The vehicle has fixed five-inch bulletproof glasses that can withstand direct firing from high-end automatic weapons. There are no keyholes in the car and only secret service knows how to open, lock and unlock the doors. The doors themselves are massive 8-inch thick, which makes them similar to the doors of the airliners. The cabin can be completely sealed in case of a chemical attack and there’s oxygen supply on board. Under the body, the heavy-duty steel plates ensure that the car can withstand direct bomb detonations. Even the tyres get kevlar protection and are bulletproof. The car’s fuel tank is made up of special material and has anti-fire foam to prevent mishaps. Well, in case the presidents need it, there is a storage with the president’s blood type in it. Every presidential motorcade has two identical Cadillac One since one of the cars act as a decoy. The car is driven only by secret service and it can do up to 97 km/h due to the extremely high weight of the car.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Suburban is another highly customised SUV that is used by the US President but this vehicle is mostly used by the vice-president of the United States. The Secret Service already stationed two of these customised and bulletproof Suburban SUVs at the Agra airport for the president’s journey to the Taj Mahal. The vehicle is customised just like the Cadillac One and is used by the president whenever the official car is not available. Since the Cadillac One was used in Ahmedabad, the Secret Service used the Suburban in Agra. There are not many details available about the Suburban but it gets the same level of defence systems as the Cadillac One. The Suburbans are even used by the Secret Service to protect the president’s motorcade.

Special Mention – Ford Roadrunner

This vehicle was inducted in the US president’s motorcade in 2018 with the new Cadillac One. This is a specially made vehicle that carries all the Satellite Communication systems for the motorcade. This vehicle maintains contact with the secure defence satellite of the USA all the time and provides a secure line to the president to the White House. This SUV provides high-speed Internet securely too. Other than that, it also works as a network jammer to ensure that no mobile signal can detonate a bomb nearby and can detect bullet’s direction and help the secret service to take countermeasures in case of an attack.