Donald Trump shows his Cadillac One “Beast” to Kim Jong-Un [Video]

The president of USA Donald Trump and the North Korean supremo Kim Jung-un finally met after a long wait. Both the leaders became pally with each other and while taking a break from the long summit, Donald Trump took Kim out to show his Cadillac One, which is also known as the Beast.

The historic summit was taking place at the Capella Resort in Singapore and the duo was seen walking towards the special armoured car of the US president. After a gesture from Trump, a Secret Service agent opened the door of the armoured Cadillac One. The North Korean leader peeked inside the Beast but did not enter the vehicle. He was later seen walking alongside Trump.

The leaders are in Singapore to talk about Nuclear weapons and it is quite possible that they have shared notes over their official vehicles too. Kim Jong-Un’s cavalcade was in news recently after the bodyguards of the leader were seen running beside Kim’s S600 armoured limousine. It is a regular practice done by Kim’s bodyguards and the same became news when it happened the first time sometime back.

The Beast is not a regular car and has been developed by General Motors’ Research and Development arm. It gets underpinnings of the Chevrolet Kodiak commercial truck and is made to be extremely rugged. The US Secret Service maintains 12 exactly similar Cadillac Ones and at any given point there are at least two presidential vehicles in the convoy whenever the president is travelling.

The US president is also seen as the most powerful person in the world and to keep him safe, various measures have been taken for the car. The Beast gets heavy body armour that can withstand direct firing and even roadside explosives. It gets run-flat tyres that can take the car to up to 80 km/h speed. It gets 8-inch thick doors and 5-inch thick bullet-proof glasses.

It also carries all the medical supplies for the president and the president’s blood type samples. There is even an oxygen tank that can supply fresh oxygen to the occupants in case of a gas attack on the limousine. It is powered by a 6.6-litre V8 Duramax engine that produces around 400 Bhp and 1000 Nm.

Incidentally, Chevrolet is developing a new generation of the presidential vehicle and it is expected to be inducted in the official convoy soon. The car has already been spotted testing.

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