Donald Trump’s Cadillac One vs Narendra Modi’s BMW 7-Series High Security Edition!

Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America is regarded as one of the most powerful men in the world. He will soon visit India and with him, his security detail will also come to protect him. Being the president of the most powerful nation in the world, Donald Trump moves around in specialised vehicles including a specialised Air Force One plane and the Cadillac One, which is also known as the Beast. Our Prime Minister, the most important man in India uses an imported BMW 7-Series High-Security armoured vehicle as his official car. How do both the vehicles compare with each other? Well, here are all the details that you would want to know.

The Cadillac One Vs the BMW 7-Series High Security

The Cadillac One is specially built for the president of the United States and the car is not for sale to the public. The car is built according to the specifications given by the security detail of the president of the United States, which is the US Secret Service. The car is custom-built by General Motors and it was recently replaced with an all-new model. The president of the United States travels with the Cadillac One wherever he goes around the world. In fact, when President Obama visited India a few years back, the security detail refused to use the cars provided by India and made the Indian prime minister sit in the Cadillac One.

The Cadillac One

Donald Trump’s Cadillac One vs Narendra Modi’s BMW 7-Series High Security Edition!

The new Cadillac One was inducted into the security detail of President Trump in 2018. It costs a massive Rs 11.5 crore for each car and there are several such vehicles in the convoy of the president, which are used as decoy vehicles.

Even though the Secret Service keeps the details of the Cadillac One under the wraps and do not reveal the exact specifications of the vehicle. There are a few things that we know about the vehicle. The car is divided into two compartments. At the rear, up to four passengers can travel and there’s a partition that only the president can lower. The doors are 8-inches thick and are armoured with kevlar. The weight of the doors is said to be as heavy as the weight of the doors of the Boeing 757 jet. The windows are sealed and cannot be open. When the doors shut down, the cabin becomes airtight and in an event of a chemical attack, the occupants remain safe and sound.

Donald Trump’s Cadillac One vs Narendra Modi’s BMW 7-Series High Security Edition!

The windows have five layers of glass and polycarbonate. The windows can withstand armour piercing bullets fired from a close range. The driver window can open but only by three-inches. The dashboard carries a high-end communication device including a GPS tracking system. The president can also make calls over a secure line while travelling in the Beast. At the front, there is a night vision camera that allows the driver to navigate safely through pitch dark roads.

There are fire fighting systems in the boot of the vehicle and also defence mechanisms like smoke screen dispensers. The fuel tank is also armoured and has a special foam that prevents any blasts. The body of the vehicle gets military-grade five-inch steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramic. It can withstand most high-end firing. The car also gets pump-action shotguns, president’s blood type and more medical kits.

The BMW 7-Series High-Security

Donald Trump’s Cadillac One vs Narendra Modi’s BMW 7-Series High Security Edition!

It is again a custom made vehicle in which the features can be opted by the owner. Prime Minister Modi has two BMW 7-Series at his disposal and one of them is used as decoy car. It costs around Rs 8.9 crores and extra fitments cost more. The vehicle has been designed to be discreet in nature and one would not get to know that it is a bulletproof vehicle.

The 7 Series High Security was the first armoured car to fully comply with VR7 ballistic protection standards. The interiors of the door panels feature kevlar plates and the glass on each bulletproof window is 65mm thick and weighs 150 kilogrammes.

The BMW 7 Series High Security can withstand attacks by military-grade weapons like the AK-47 and hand grenades. The armoured 7 Series can also withstand high-intensity blasts created by up to 17 kilogrammes of TNT. The fuel tank of the 7 Series High security is made from a self-sealing material and is also fireproof.

The BMW 760Li High Security also comes equipped to respond to chemical attacks and has oxygen stored inside it for use in cases such attacks occur. The cabin is also fire resistant and has an automatic fire extinguishing system in place. The dual-layered tyres can withstand bullet attacks and even if they’re pierced, the armoured BMW 7 Series can still do up to 80km/h.