Donkey pulls Ford Endeavour to dealership after faulty car delivered for second time

A disgruntled owner of Ford Endeavour has made a show to put the spotlight on his faulty Ford Endeavour. Arjun Meena, an owner of 2020 Ford Endeavour made a donkey drag the Endeavour to the dealership to protest against the Ford company.

Arjun Meena made the donkey drag the car from his home to the dealership with a band playing along. Arjun Meena says that wants to bring the attention of everyone around to the Ford Endeavour. He claims that he first bought the Endeavour in 2016 and faced many problems.

However, in 2020 he bought a brand-new Ford Endeavour and started facing transmission issues. The owner says that the vehicle spent more time in the dealership than at his home. He explained that the Ford Endeavour stops in the middle of the road without any warning.

Meena identified the problem and claims that the transmission is faulty. The transmission does not change gears and then gives away in the middle of the road. He will do the same stunt for the next seven days and by the end of it, he will put fire on the vehicle in the front of the dealership.

The dealership did not help Meena with the problems. The owner claims even after parking the car at the dealership multiple times, they did not help and used to return the car in a working condition. However, only after a few days of use, the vehicle used to create the same problems.

Ford is yet to make a comment on the incident as per the video.

Lemon laws in India

Donkey pulls Ford Endeavour to dealership after faulty car delivered for second time

This is not the first incident in India where a disgruntled owner of a vehicle did such a stunt to attract attention and get justice. In the past, an MG owner, a Skoda owner, a Jaguar owner,  a Toyota Land Cruiser owner and various owners from different manufacturers have done something similar.

Lemon law is one that protects the customers from products that repeatedly fail to meet the standards of quality and performance. Such laws are common in developed countries. According to such laws, any appliance, car, truck or motorcycle that is found to be defective should be replaced immediately, or compensation should be given to the customer.

India has a large portion of customers who are not very happy with the products they purchase. The promised quality or the performance is not delivered by many goods. While some consumer laws protect customers in India, litigation often takes years. A new set of rules or a simpler form of consumer protection law will make the customers much happier and will generate a lot of trust.