Don’t ignore these cars

The Indian car market is a large one. Each segment has enough cars making it tough to choose one from the pack. There are some popular cars & then some not so popular cars. Here are ten such non-popular cars that aren’t worth ignoring.

Tata Nano AMT

Small, spacious & cheapest automatic

Don’t ignore these cars

If you are looking for a city run about & want an automatic, the Nano is the cheapest option in the market. Nope, this car isn’t here because it is the cheapest, it is here because it is actually a good car to consider. It is small, easy to navigate in traffic, has good amount of space on the inside & easy to drive as well with the AMT. The Nano is powered by a 624 cc engine making 37 Bhp & 51 Nm. The AMT is available in 2 variants & pricing starts at Rs 2.83 lakhs. So if you are in the market for a cheap city hatch, this is a very good option.

Nissan Micra Diesel

Driveable & roomy hatch

Don’t ignore these cars

The Nissan Micra has been around for some time now, but the car hasn’t set the sales chart on fire. Many people find the design boring & lacking in the coolness factor. However, if you are looking for a practical hatchback that has the good driveability, look no further. The 1.5 liter K9K unit on the Micra produces 65 Bhp & 160 Nm. This enables you to cruise through traffic in lower gears without having to bother about shifting gears. Prices for the Micra diesel start at Rs 5.82 lakhs which may seem on the expensive side, however you could get a lot of discounts to make the deal sweeter.

Ford Figo Diesel

Fast yet affordable

Don’t ignore these cars

The Ford Figo has always been one of the better driving hatchbacks in the country. The previous gen Figo was loved for its precise & direct hydraulic power steering. Though the current generation Figo has switched to an electronic unit, it now gets a lot more power. So powering the Figo diesel is a 1.5 liter unit making 99 Bhp & 215 Nm. Prices start at Rs 5.56 lakhs making it very affordable for the amount of power it offers. In the recent hot hatch track day conducted by Overdrive, the Figo also managed to beat the more powerful Punto Abarth. Need I say more?

Fiat Punto Abarth

Power packed hatchback

Don’t ignore these cars

The Fiat Punto Abarth is the successor to the first hot hatchback India got, the Palio 1.6. So it had large shoes to fill into. Also with the presence of the Polo GT twins, it needed to be extra special to beat them. So Fiat gave the Abarth a more power, 145 Bhp & 212 Nm. Not only that, it also lowered the car to give it better agility. The Punto is one of the best handling hatchbacks on sale in the country today. As an enthusiast, the steering feedback that you get from the car is unmatched. However it couldn’t set the sales charts on fire for some reason. At Rs 10.23 lakhs, it isn’t that expensive either. So if you are looking for a more pure hot hatch, this is the one to go in for.

Fiat Linea T-Jet

Fast & fun to drive sedan

Don’t ignore these cars

Fiat were one of the first companies to provide the Indian market with a turbocharged petrol sedan in the mid size segment. The Linea is a very good car to drive. It has good amount of steering feedback, is good to look at & also with the 1.4 liter T-Jet engine, it is very quick. The 1.4 liter motor makes 112 Bhp & 207 Nm which maybe a little lesser than what the City or the Verna offer, but it is certainly the more fun to drive car. Though prices start at Rs 8.38 lakhs, you could get it for a lot cheaper courtesy the discounts on offer on the car.