Easy & highly effective ways to double the life of your car’s tyres

Tyres are the only parts of a car that stay in constant touch with the road. They are the first one to take the jerk of a bad pothole. After all, they are considered to be consumables as they have a specific life span, after which you need to change them. When we go and buy new tyres, the seller might say that the tyre will easily last you around 80,000 km or more but you run out of tread very soon. What if we say that you can increase your tyre life by following some simple steps.

Choose the correct tyres

This is one of the most basic steps that you can follow. Choosing the right set of tyres for your vehicle is very important. If you want to run your tyres for long then you should opt for a hard compound tyre. The science behind it is very simple because the rubber compound is harder than usual tyres, the rate of wearing will be less than the softer compound tyre. However, remember harder compound tyres does mean that you would have to compromise on the grip and comfort that the tyre provides. So, take a wise decision before opting for a higher compound tyre. Usually, harder compound tyres are used by cab operators because of which they are able to get such a high mileage out of their tyres.


Wheel alignment, balancing and rotation

Indian roads are very unpredictable and not at all smooth. Due to which there are a lot of imperfections which can cause the wheels to go lose their alignment. Due to this, you should have a wheel alignment, balancing and a rotation as per your manufacturer. Usually, the intervals are 5,000 km or 10,000 km. If you follow these intervals you can easily increase the life of your tyres.


Don’t overload

Every tyre is meant to carry a specific amount of weight and after all, it is the tyres that are carrying all the weight of the car and the passengers. You cannot change the weight of the car, but at least you can avoid overloading. What happens when you overload your vehicle is the load on tyres increases due to which it wears at a much faster rate. Overloading also causes the sidewalls of tyres to become weaker. Also, because of overloading your suspension would get damaged because of which all the weight will come straight on to the tyres.


Drive responsibly

People might not consider this, but driving gently makes a big difference in the vehicle in the long run. Not only tyres but the life of the whole vehicle is increased if you drive gently and responsibly. For example, avoid taking service roads as they are less maintained so there is more chance of getting punctures and there will also be more potholes. Always stick to the speed limits, this will ensure that your tyres do not overheat. Overheating of tyres usually happens in summers and on concrete highways.

Correct air pressure

You should always stick to the air pressure that the manufacturer recommends. Over inflating and under inflating the tyres will result in faster wear of tyres.  If the air pressure is more then the tyre can heat up and burst at high speeds. If the air pressure is less then pressure on the sidewalls increases, which also leads to faster wearing.