Drinking & driving? You will lose your license on the spot

Drinking and driving is illegal and one can land in jail if caught. There is a new rule in Telangana, where the cops will cancel your license on the spot if they catch you drinking and driving on the public roads.

Drinking & driving? You will lose your license on the spot

Cyberabad Traffic Police and Regional Transport Authority are currently working on a plan to implement the same in near future. The decision comes after the cops found out that people are still drinking and driving, instead of the stringent laws. Currently, the Cyberabad Traffic Police sends people to jail, suspend and even cancel the driving license and issue court challans. However, that is not bringing down the high number of drinking and driving cases.

The authorities believe that even stricter rules will force motorists to follow the laws. The traffic police have joined hands with the regional transport authority to link the databases. Once done successfully, the police will have all the databases at their disposal. The database includes information about driving license, personal details of the motorists, and even the vehicle registration details.

Drinking & driving? You will lose your license on the spot

After the databases are linked, the cops will be able to access them anytime while the regional transport authority will be able to do the same. The synchronisation will allow the police to cancel the driving license at the spot.

An official told Telangana Today,

“Whenever a person is caught drunk driving and the police personnel enter their details on the tablet, the person’s details are sent to the RTA immediately, which will further verify and suspend the driving licence of the motorist without delay. The details of those whose licences were suspended and are caught drunk driving again will be known to the police by just entering their licence numbers. This will help officials in ensuring further action,”

No delay in cancellation

With the synchronised databases, the police will take action at the spot. Unlike the earlier times, when the police used to send details to the regional authorities, the power of doing the same will be transferred. This will save time and allow the cops to take quick actions too.

Since the new provision is still under development, the details are not known. The police or the authorities have not talked about who will be barred from driving after getting caught. We are also not sure if the person getting caught for the first time will face the same action as the person who is caught for the same offence repeatedly.

Since the synchronisation of the databases will allow the cops to check for such details, the police and the authorities may release new guidelines for the same in the near future.

License to linked with insurance too

The IRDA is working with the government to link insurance policies to driving licenses. Motorists with a higher number of challans will have to shell out extra money for the insurance premium once the law comes into force. This is how many developed countries regulate motorists around the world.