Drinking in car will get your vehicle impounded: Cops

Drinking and driving is a major fiasco in India. The Chandigarh Police has announced that drinking in a vehicle will get you arrested and the vehicle will be seized. To curb the menace, the cops will use the Punjab Police Act, 2007, to make the arrest and impound the vehicle. Under the section, the alleged culprit will have to go through court proceedings to get the vehicle back.

The city cops of Chandigarh have already made 27 arrests for consuming liquor in public places. A car parked on a public road or a public parking space will be considered as being in a public place, and as consuming alcohol in public places is banned under the law, the vehicle can be seized and everyone involved in drinking liquor can be arrested. The cops have made 24 arrests under the Police Act 2007. Out of a total of 27 arrests, five were drinking alcohol in their cars or on their bikes. The cops from different police stations seized the cars and bikes as case properties.

The cops have seized many vehicles, including a Honda Activa, during the drive. The culprits will have to be presented in the court and secure a release order before the vehicle can be released. The cops say that this will curb the drunken driving problem, road rage and street crimes like eve-teasing and other forms of hooliganism.

Drinking in a vehicle is quite a regular practice in North India and cops do regular drives to catch such culprits. Drinking in a moving vehicle or a parked vehicle that is placed in a public parking place are prohibited by law. In fact, the cops can even challan you for smoking inside the vehicle, if it is parked in a public place if the local law prohibits smoking in public places.

Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous and can cause fatal accidents. India sees a large number of accidents every year and many of them involve vehicles driven by drunk drivers. Drinking alcohol leads to loss of concentration and delayed responses, which can trick the driver into accidents. State police forces from various states conduct regular checks to bring down the drinking and driving problem.