Drive-in movie theatres of India

Drive-in movie theaters are commonplace in North America but a rare sight in India. Multiplex giant PVR has begun building a swanky, new drive-in theater that could just spark off a trend. So, we thought it’s just a right time to round up current and upcoming drive-in movie theaters in India. Drive right-in.

But what’s a drive-in movie theater?

Drive-in movie theatres of India

As its name suggests, you simply drive into the theater, which is usually a large parking lot, and park your car. The parking lot will have a large screen in front of it. At the designated time, a movie will start playing on that screen and you can watch it from the comfort of your car. And once you’re done, you simply drive out.

Parking slots in drive-in theaters are designed in a way that all cars get a good view of the screen. Taller cars and SUVs are directed towards the rear of the parking lot while low slung sedans occupy the parking slots up front. Drive-in theaters may also have benches for whole families to sit. You can even order food at most drive-ins.

Chennai’s Prarthana drive-in theater is near the Marina beach on the East Coast road.

Drive-in movie theatres of India


This theater offers car-seating, and for those who don’t like watching movies sitting in their cars, a gallery seating as well. It’s got a nice restaurant attached to it, and even a play area for kids who find movies too boring. A powerful digital projector beams movies onto a 4,500 sq ft concrete screen. The theater hosts 2 shows a day, one in the evening and the other at night.

Ahmedabad’s Sunset Drive-in Cinema…

Drive-in movie theatres of India

Was started in 1973, and it offers parking space for no less than 665 cars. The theater also has a covered area for those who don’t drive in. It offers food services. The theater claims that its screen is one of the largest among all such drive-ins across Asia. It hosts 2 shows daily, at 730 PM and 1030 PM. It’s situated at Avkar Complex, Ftf Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad.

Vishakapatnam’s Balaji drive-in cinema is brand new.

Drive-in movie theatres of India

It was just inaugurated in August 2016. The theater has a drive-in capacity of 324 seats. It also has an indoor screen with 220 seats. The drive-in theater has a restaurant attached while there’s also a play area for kids. It’s situated off the Vizag-Srikakulam highway, in Sheelanagar.

And Mumbai will soon get its 1st drive-in theater.

Drive-in movie theatres of India

Multiplex giant PVR is busy building a drive-in theater that can accommodate 300 cars at Maker Maxity in the Bandra Kurla Complex, an eastern suburb in Mumbai. This theater will charge Rs. 1000 per car. Patrons will have the option of ordering from in-house fine-dine restaurants. The drive-in theater will begin showing from August 2017.

Illustration courtesy FinancialExpress