Driver high on drugs hits cop: Drives with him on bonnet for 10 kms [Video]

Mumbai cop dragged by driver on car bonnet

Dragging police on the bonnet of the car has become a very common incident in India. We have seen it happening multiple times on the road. Such incidents often end up in the car driver being arrested. Here is one such incident from Mumbai caused by a driver high on drugs.

The episode happened in the middle of the day at 2 pm and was caught on a camera installed on the highway. The driver of the car did not stop when the Mumbai Police traffic police tried to stop the vehicle. The traffic police got onto his motorcycle and chased the vehicle. However, he was unable to stop the car even at the the Vashi City crossing. On the second occassions, the constable Siddeshwar Mali stood in front of the car to slow him down. However, the car driver kept on driving.

He dragged the cop for about 10 km and did not slow down. Various CCTV footage shows the cop dangling on the windshield of the vehicle. The constable chased the traffic cop after he found that something is amiss.

The accused Aditya Bembade, who drove around for about 10 km was caught after some chasing. The car was tailed by a police van and was stopped at Gavhan Phata at Uran Naka in the city. The police arrested the man and registered a case against him for attempting to murder Mr Mali under the influence of drugs.

Always stop when police wave you down

Currently, most police forces are equipped with wireless devices to ensure that fleeing vehicles can be intercepted by officers stationed ahead. Evading the police is a sign of wrongdoing and the government is taking steps to streamline the fine and challan issuance process. Typically, police officers photograph the violation and issue the challan online. Refusing to stop when directed by the police is a much more serious offense.

If you believe that you have been wrongly fined, you can always challenge it in court or file a complaint with senior police officers. Although it is a lengthy process, it is the lawful way of addressing grievances in India.

This is not the first time that such an incident has happened. We have seen multiple such episodes where the car drivers have dragged the policemen for several kilometers and in some cases, even injuring them. In some road rage cases, vehicles have even hit smaller vehicles and dragged them for several kilometres. We have seen a case where a Honda Amaze was hit by a truck and was drgged for several kilometers. While in one case, a scooter rider hit a pedestrian and then dragged the man a kilometres to escape.