Driver ties thief in front of truck as punishment for stealing grain from moving truck

In the past, we have come across several incidents where thieves have used new techniques or methods to actually steal an item or a vehicle. They are also relying on new technologies to steal vehicles and couple of videos of the same are available online too. Here we have a video where a thief is seen stealing sacks of grain from a moving truck. The incident was recorded on video and the people even got hold of the thief. Do you know how they handled the thief? They simply tied him in front of a moving truck.

The video has been uploaded by News18 Virals on their YouTube channel. The incident happened in Punjab’s Muktsar. The video actually shows how the thief pulled off his act and then how the locals handled him after he was caught. In the first part, a young boy is seen standing on top of a moving truck. The truck is going through a crowded road and due to the same reason, the truck is being driven very slow. The individual standing on top of the truck can be seen fiddling with things inside the truck and afer sometime, he picks up a sack.

The truck was actually carrying grains that have been harvested from farms. The video does not mention, where exactly the truck was headed to but, it looks like the thief knew about the contents in the truck and had a plan to execute it. The video shows that another person on a motorcycle is following the truck. He is with the person who is standing inside the truck. After sometime, the individual inside the truck drops a sack of grain on the road. As soon as the sack falls on the road, the biker covers the sack with his bike and comes to a complete stop.

Driver ties thief in front of truck as punishment for stealing grain from moving truck

The person who was in the truck also gets down as the truck was not speeding. They both come and pick the sack from the road and clear the spot. The whole incident was being recorded by another person in a car that was behind the truck. It looks like the video went viral and the truck driver found out who actually the thief was. The locals got hold of the thief and decided to tie him up in front of the truck from which he stole the grain. After tying him in front of the truck, they took a round in the  market and showed people who the thief was. Many people can be heard asking why he is tied in front of the truck to which the person sitting next to thief (truck driver) can be heard saying that he stole sacks of grain from the truck.

It looks like this is not the first time something like this has happened in the area. After taking a round in the market, the truck was taken to the police station. The cops have come across both the videos and the officer can be heard saying that afte analysing the videos, action would be taken against them. Theft is a crime but, tying a person in front of a truck as a punishment for stealing is also not right. There were chances that he could have fallen down on the road and get injured seriously. If something like that had happenend then things would have got out of hands. We appreciate the fact that the driver handed the thief to the police but, tying him up in front of the truck to teach a lesson was not the right way.