Driverless Mahindra Thar off-roading on its own: What’s happening here [Video]

While manufacturers are still figuring a way out to make driverless cars a success on roads, here is a video showing a Mahindra Thar off-roading without a driver. Kutub Kazi, an off-road enthusiast, has posted a video showing his Mahindra Thar going on an off-road expedition on its own. Is this something that would send Elon Musk into a tizzy? Let’s find out.

What is happening here?

The short video shows the Mahindra Thar climbing an incline without any driver in it. The car is travelling in a straight line climbing steadily. In the end, we can see Kutub Kazi, the owner of the Thar, running towards the vehicle.

Well, diesel engine-powered cars offer a good amount of low-end torque and they can move forward without any accelerator input. This is what makes diesel vehicles easier to drive in heavy traffic situations too. To crawl forward, most diesel cars do not need any accelerator input. Instead, the clutch can be released and it starts to move forward slowly. However, if it is on an incline or has to cross a speed breaker, the car may not be able to do it without any accelerator input.

The Mahindra Thar comes with a low-ratio transfer case that multiplies the torque output by several times. The extra torque output makes the vehicle much more capable, and even when the engine is idling, the vehicle can climb inclines and other surfaces.

Kutub Kazi has posted a video in the comment section that shows how he did it. He puts the vehicle in gear, sets it in motion and gets out of it with the steering aligned in a straight line. The Thar then goes towards the incline on its own and climbs it easily too.

However, it can be dangerous!

Driverless Mahindra Thar off-roading on its own: What’s happening here [Video]

Such stunts can be dangerous if the vehicles goes out of control. It is always a good idea to experiment with such stunts in controlled environments like Mr. Kazi did. The steering of the vehicle can turn after hitting a pothole or uneven surface and the vehicle can spin out of control. It is also illegal to perform such stunts on public roads and you can be penalized for it.