Driverless Premier Padmini spotted on a highway: How is it done?

We get to see some bizarre scenarios on Indian roads and highways. The more you travel, the more you get to see such things. A few years ago a dog from Shillong, Assam named Toby became viral on social media platforms after a video of it driving a car was released. Well, here is another one. This video is now becoming viral on social media networks and it shows an old person on the co-driver seat but there is no one in the driver’s seat. What is happening here? Do you have any idea?

The video posted by a fellow motorist on the road is quite bizarre. The video made by Tagore Cherry shows a well-maintained Premier Padmini with only one occupant sitting on the co-driver seat. In the video, he is relaxing as the vehicle is driven forward on the road.

The video even shows the Padmini from the bang on side of the vehicle. It clearly shows that there is no one holding the steering wheel and there is no one sitting on the driver seat. The video will puzzle many and how the vehicle is driving on the road without anyone in the driver’s seat.

How is it driving without a driver?

Never reveal your tricks if you want to be a good magician in life. Well, that being said, we did try to deep dive into the video to figure out what is actually happening. Before you think that there is an invisible person sitting in the driver’s seat, here is something that you should consider.

The person sitting on the co-driver seat is controlling the vehicle. How? By simply extending his right arm while looking calm and composed. It sure gave us an impression that there is no one controlling the vehicle and it is a zombie but the fact is that the co-driver has all the controls with him.

If you ever went to a driving school, many of them deploy these trainer vehicles that have all the pedals on the co-driver side too. This is to ensure that the co-driver can take over the situation when something goes wrong while learning to drive.

With confidence and showing that he is very calm and relax, the focus of the onlookers shift to the steering wheel and the empty driver’s seat. However, looking at it closely will reveal the trick. The same method was used by a person in Shillong when the dog Toby drove around on the crowded city roads without hitting anyone. No matter how smart a dog is, driving a vehicle through the city traffic is quite a skill for any animal apart from the Homo Sapiens.

Nonetheless, there are many prank videos done by international prank artists. They wear clothes that look like the seat and drive around on the crowded streets. It gives an illusion that there is no one inside the vehicle and it sure looks like magic. Have you seen any such bizarre incidents on the roads and highways lately? Do tell us about these incidents in the comments section below.