Driving a Batmobile in real life: What it’s like [Video]

Most superheroes drive rea lly exotic cars but there is no superhero car that can match the Batmobile of Gotham’s superhero – Batman. Ever since people knew about the existence of the Batmobile in comics/movies, they’ve tried making real-life versions of the vehicle around the world. Here is one such real-life Batmobile from Dubai.

The Batmobile!

Every enthusiast building a Batmobile adds her/his own imagination, making every Batmobile in the real world a bespoke model. This one is no different, and looks more advanced than the one we see in the Batman comics and the movies. The handmade car was driven by Lana Rose on the roads of Dubai and the car does sound like what a superhero car should sound like.

To start with, the body parts Batmobile is completely fabricated. We are not sure if any platform of a pick-up truck or an SUV to built the vehicle. It gets extremely big rear tyres that look like 60-inches. According to the owner of the vehicle, each tyre weighs more than 500 kg and are imported from Isreal. The Batmobile also gets fake guns mounted at the front to give it a sense of realism. Apart from that, the whole vehicle looks like a big, angry vehicle on the road. It gets big air intakes and a rear mounted engine. According to the video, the vehicle is powered by an LS1 5.6-litre engine V8 but no further details have been given. It also gets two flamethrowers mounted at the rear to recreate the Batmobile’s effect but they weren’t used while shooting the video for safety reasons.

Getting in and out of this Batmobile is a task as the doors open upwards. Closing the doors make them act like the roof but during the video, they did not close the doors completely. It is possible that the visibility becomes quite poor with the doors closed. The engine starts with a rumble after a sequence of toggle switches are pushed and the big red button is pressed. There is no mention of the gearbox but it is an automatic.

It sure looks huge and can scare people away on the roads. We have a few Batmobiles in India too and one of them is based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class! Batman sure would have loved to get a ride in these replica Batmobiles when his own is in the service station!


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