Driving a car in the sea: Indian Youtubers show how it’s done (Video)

In many of our articles, we have emphasized the importance of avoiding driving your car into water. Driving a car or any vehicle into water greatly increases the chances of the engine becoming hydrolocked, which would result in significant costs and time to repair. While we’ve seen cars being driven on water in several sci-fi movies, most of those are purely fictional. However, in Dubai, there is a company called Jet Cars that has actually developed Corvettes and McLarens capable of being driven over water. Recently, an Indian YouTuber visiting Dubai had the opportunity to take one of these Jet cars for a spin.

The video was uploaded by Mr. Indian Hacker on his YouTube channel. During their visit to Dubai, the YouTuber and his friends came across some sports cars being driven on water. Upon inquiring, they were informed that these cars are called Jet cars and are a recent introduction by a Dubai-based company.

Essentially, a Jet car is a boat designed to resemble a sports car on the outside. There are various models available at the pier, and for the video, the vlogger chose a green Jet car that resembled a Ferrari. Similar to a sports car, the Jet car can accommodate two occupants. The vlogger and his friend sat inside the car, while another friend decided to record the video from a jet ski.

Driving a car in the sea: Indian Youtubers show how it’s done (Video)
Vlogger driving Jet car

Before setting off, they were all provided with life jackets. The Jet car was pushed back into the water from a ramp, and as it floated, the vlogger started the engine by pressing a button. Pushing the accelerator caused the Jet car to move forward. It’s worth noting that the Jet car does not have a reverse gear. Gradually, the vlogger drove the car out to open waters to test its performance. As previously mentioned, the Jet car is essentially a boat with a design resembling a sports car. It is powered by a Jet Ski engine and features a boat-like bottom that allows it to skim over the water effortlessly.

The vlogger mentioned that the Jet car is highly unstable when stationary. Nonetheless, he and his friends thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Driving the Jet car didn’t seem overly challenging, as it only required operating a few controls to move forward and steer. It is unclear whether the Jet car has a reverse gear. These Jet Cars can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h, which is quite impressive, especially when navigating rough waters. Unfortunately, the video does not show whether the vlogger managed to reach the top speed. The Jet cars are operated by, and currently, there is a fleet of seven Jet cars designed to resemble sports cars in Dubai Harbour. The video also fails to mention the amount that he spent on this water activity. These adventure activities are set up in Dubai aiming at the tourists.