What it’s like to drive a Hummer on Indian roads

Hummer is an iconic SUV and if you are a person who loves cars and bikes, you what we are talking about. It was initially manufactured of US military and later the brand decided to build a much more civilised looking civilian version that can be used on road as well. The Hummer was available in H1, H2 and H3 versions. It is a popular vehicle in western countries and even in India decent number celebrities have this SUV in their garage. Even former Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni owns one of these. Here we have a video that shows how does it feel to drive a Hummer H3 SUV on Indian roads.

The video has been uploaded by Rajni Chaudhary on her YouTube channel. Vlogger did two videos with the Hummer H3 on her channel. In one of them she explains about all the features and design of the Hummer H3 and in the next video, she talks about how does it feel to drive such a massive SUV.

Hummer H3 is a huge SUV in terms of size. It is bigger than any of the full size SUV that we have in the Indian market. There are larges 16 inch chunky looking alloy wheels and just like any other American SUV, it has fair amount of chrome at places. Even the alloy wheels on this SUV get chrome finish.

What it’s like to drive a Hummer on Indian roads

In terms of interior space, Hummer H3 offers space for 3. It has a decent amount of space and offers space for four passengers to sit comfortably. It is an old vehicle and offers decent amount of features. Although, this SUV would easily cost you over 50 lakh in India, it is not a luxury SUV. The owner of this SUV had customised the interiors to give it a premium feel. It is still a utilitarian vehicle that can clear any obstacle that comes in front of it.

Once she had completed the walkaround of the car, she gets in and starts driving the Hummer. This is a huge SUV and she initially thought that it would be quite a task in itself to drive the SUV but to her surprise, the steering is quite light and she immediately forgets that she is driving a Hummer. The seating position is quite high which gives her a commanding position and good view of the road ahead.

The Hummer H3 is not a quick SUV by any means. It is meant for off-roading and it offers all the necessary things that are needed for that. The Hummer H3 gets 3.7 litre petrol engine that generates decent amount of power and torque. The engine is quite loud and the sound filters into the cabin as well. She mentions that the sound is not something that might irritate you but, it reminds you that you are driving a massive SUV. She mentions that she has never driven anything like this before.  In US, Hummer is already is available in a new avatar. Like many other manufacturers, Hummer is also a full electric SUV.

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