Driving Batman V Superman’s Batmobile in real life: What it’s like [Video]

Batmobile might be the most iconic vehicle in Hollywood. It becomes a huge talking point whenever there is a new Batman reboot because fans expect a new Batmobile. People are such big fans that they have tried creating their own Batmobile for personal use. Here, is one that is located in Dubai.

Ben Affleck’s Batmobile from Batman V Superman

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Mo Vlogs. In the video, we can see the replica of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile that was used in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. It is believed that this Batmobile belongs to a collector who paid someone to make it.

The vlogger reveals that this Batmobile weighs 4 tons. It came to the vlogger’s house on a flatbed. The Batmobile itself is wider than the truck’s bed. The engine that is doing duty is an LS1 that has a capacity of a massive 5.6-litres. It is mated to an automatic transmission. You can even drive this Batmobile because it is fully functional.

Driving Batman V Superman’s Batmobile in real life: What it’s like [Video]

Just like in the movie, there are two doors and they open upwards. To start the engine you have to flick two switches that are placed in the central console. Then you have to push the red button and the engine roars to life. In the video, we can see the growls from the engine.

The vlogger’s sister also drives the Batmobile. But she keeps the doors open probably because they hinder the visibility if closed. The sister also does an acceleration run but the Batmobile is not very fast it seems. This is probably because of its massive weight.

There is a huge exhaust at the rear that can also shoot flames just like the original Batmobile. The engine is mounted behind the seating area. We can also see the man who built this replica. His name is Amire and he says that the Batmobile is illegal to drive in most countries.  He reveals that the tyres were imported from Israel and a single tyre weighs 500 kgs. So, at the rear, the tyres alone weigh 1,000 kgs.

From the video, we can see that it is quite difficult to reverse the Batmobile. But it seems like there is a rear parking camera to help the driver. The steering wheel is inspired by the F1 cars so there are some buttons on it.

The body panels of the vehicle are fabricated and the creator gave special attention to detail. So, we can see fake guns, cuts and creases that make the Batmobile look aggressive.

Batmobile in India

There are also some Batmobiles in our country. Bollywood direct Ahmed Khan gifted a Batmobile based on Michael Keaton’s Batman film to his wife. Then there is Adar Poonawalla who also owns a Batmobile replica. It is based on an old generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class. He was also spotted driving the Batmobile. Moreover, a group of students also made a Batmobile based on a Mahindra Xylo. It was inspired by the Tumbler that we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy.