Gurgaon police to permanently cancel driving license for wrong side driving

Wrong side driving is a major problem in India. Not only on the highways, where people take the wrong side to avoid travelling a few kilometres to find a legal U-Turn, the wrong side driving is also very common inside the city limits. Gurugram Police said that they issued 49,671 challans in 2019 for driving on the wrong side, which came down to 39,765 challans. But they are now taking steps to bring down the number of people who prefer taking the wrong side and putting every motorist at danger.

Gurgaon police to permanently cancel driving license for wrong side driving

Police official Preet Pal Singh said on Wednesday that the police will take strict action against the violators of the rule. Gurugram Police will revoke the driving licence of the offenders who drive on the wrong side of the road.

In an interview with ANI, Preet Pal Singh said,

“Commissioner of Police has decided that strict legal action will be taken against anyone who drives on the wrong side of a road in Gurugram. Traffic staff has also been directed to challan such drivers along with suspending their license. If the mistake is repeated, it will invite permanent termination of the license and it will not be issued to the person ever again,”

The police department has also decided that if any accident happens due to wrong side driving, then the accused will be booked under Section 304 (2) of the Indian Penal Code. There is a minimum of 10 years in jail under the section. The Gurugram Police will also use CCTV footage to identify the violators.

“The roads are monitored with CCTV cameras. I request everyone to follow safety rules otherwise strict action will be taken. This is to ensure that people do not put their and others lives at risk. Many people lose their lives due to negligence,”

Wrong side driving

Driving on the wrong side causes numerous accidents in India. There are many who take the wrong side to save a few minutes or even seconds. Driving on the wrong side also causes a lot of congestion on the road as it disrupts the flow of the traffic. In the past, several accidents caused by wrong side driving are captured in the CCTV cameras. In Gurugram, the administration has permanently made a few roads one-way to ensure the flow of traffic. This is why the problem is even more common around here. Licence cancellations will be a good way to keep the violators under control.

IRDA, the insurance regulatory department in India has suggested that the insurance policy of a vehicle should be linked to the driving licence of the person. If a person commits more violation, the insurance premium will go up accordingly. This is a model that many developed countries have adopted and implemented successfully. If the insurance renewal amount rises by a substantial amount due to the traffic violations, then most people will be vigilant about the rules and will drive more carefully. India has one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the world. New steps by the authorities will bring down these numbers in the future.