10 ways by which you can LOSE your car/motorcycle driving licence

The recent amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act had the whole country talking for a few weeks. The changes, which were mostly regarding increments in fines and challan rates, have again brought back attention to the worsening road conditions of our country and the dure need to fix the same. Apart from this, Indian laws constantly change and evolve. There have been many new additions to the list of offences under the Motor Vehicle Act in the past year. Here are as many as ten new ways in which you can lose your driving license.

Playing loud music

Playing music or getting a high-end music system installed in your car is not considered a crime in itself. What can land you in trouble though is when you play excessively loud music in your car. There isn’t much clarification upon the exact volume level of music but the traffic cops can issue a challan as per their discretion. The amount of minimum challan is Rs. 100 but that can be increased if the cop feels that the volume of the loud music imposes a threat to other road users. Also, the driving license of the driver can be seized for the same.

Crossing the speed limit in school areas

Areas near a school or university are considered to be sensitive in terms of pedestrian and vehicular movements. For the same, vehicles are not allowed to drive fast near schools and a speed sign with school hours is usually mounted on such roads. However, even if a board is not there, make sure not to drive at anything more than 25 km/h as that can lead to a fine and/or seizure of your driving license.

Using phone other than navigation

10 ways by which you can LOSE your car/motorcycle driving licence

Using your mobile phone while driving is a straight traffic offence in India. Going by the law, a driver can’t use the mobile phone for anything except navigation services. The reason behind this is that phone usage while driving results in focus diversion and that could lead to an accident. A cop can slap a fine on you if he sees you using your phone while driving.

Talking on the phone via Bluetooth

Almost all modern cars offer this feature it’s still illegal to talk on the phone while driving, no matter if its handsfree or not. The reason behind that is that the usage of a mobile phone to talk while driving a car can distract your attention from the road and hence it is is a traffic offence. Therefore it’s best to pull over and complete the phone call even if your car comes with Bluetooth.

Skipping pedestrian crossing

Zebra crossings are present on roads across the country and are meant to be used by pedestrians and ease up their commute. Therefore, it’s important for a car driver to stop before the zebra crossing. You can be fined in case a traffic cop catches you blocking the pedestrian crossing at a stoplight and your driving license can be suspended for the next few months.

Driving on the footpath

A footpath, as its name suggests, is meant as a way for pedestrians. However, some two-wheeler drivers are often found riding on them to avoid traffic and save a few minutes. This not only poses a threat to fellow pedestrians who use footpath for walking but also, in a way, encourages other motorists to do the same. Doing so is one of the sureshot ways of getitng your license being revoked.

Using pressure horns

10 ways by which you can LOSE your car/motorcycle driving licence

Noise pollution is among the major problems on our roads and using pressure horns causes further trouble. Not only are they painfully loud and create a ruckus, but they can also startle other road users. For the same, the usage of pressure horns on road vehicle is banned across the country. If caught, your license can be seized and a heavy fine can be imposed. Even multi-toned horns are not allowed and are considered as an illegal car accessory.

Lane splitting at high-speed zones

Lane splitting and trying to squeeze between the spaces is considered by many to be a thing of expertise. However, it can land you with a fine or even a license confiscation if you are found doing the same at high-speed zones. Cutting through the lanes is only allowed on sections of the road that have a speed limit of 40 kmph. Therefore, keep the speed limit of the area in mind before making a lane cut manoeuvre.

Not giving way to ambulances

Not giving way to an ambulance when its beacons are all fired up can result in a lot of trouble for anyone who blocks its way. When an ambulance goes around with its beacon and hooter roaring, it means that it’s either on the way to pick up a patient or is transporting one to the hospital, both of which are cases of extreme emergencies. Therefore, it should always be given way as it’s a life and death matter for the patients mostly. Also, a lot of new ambulances are fitted with dash cameras that record the movement of the vehicles ahead. Cops can issue a challan and seize your license if you are found blocking its way

Racing on public roads

10 ways by which you can LOSE your car/motorcycle driving licence

Exceeding the speed limits is an illegal act in itself and hence racing on street roads can get you in even more trouble. Not only can one be booked for overspeeding but also for rash driving and disrupting the traffic among other offences. You can even lose your driving license for racing and indulging in related activities. While testing the limits of your vehicle is a tempting idea for sure, it should be restricted to private or closed roads and racetracks.