Soon, you can get a driving license without a driving test

To get a driving license in India, a person has to go through theory as well as a practical test. The government of India is now planning to change it in the coming years to make it easier to obtain a driving license. In the coming times, many individuals looking to get a driving license may not have to go through any kind of test. Here is how.

Soon, you can get a driving license without a driving test

The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a draft notification recently for a rule change. The authorities have also sought suggestions from the people and authorities involved in issuing driving licenses. In the future, the government will issue a list of recognised car driving training centres. Applicants who train from these centres will not have to go through any kind of test and will be eligible to get the driving license right away.

We are not sure how the process will work but the government is likely to issue new rules and laws in the coming months. In many developed countries, any individual applying to get a driving license has to go through mandatory classes recommended by the government at recognised training centres. After that, the authorities take the test and if the individual fails, he or she has to re-take certain hours of classes to become eligible for the re-test.

Streamlining the process in India

In India though, the government is trying to de-burden the RTO. Since thousands of applicants seek the driving licenses every month, the process of taking the test at the RTO becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. Instead, the government will now rely on private driving test centres and will certify them too. Any individual who takes training from these certified institutes will be eligible to hold a driving license without any test at the RTO.

In India, getting the driving license from most RTOs is fairly an easy job. There are numerous touts waiting outside the RTO who charge some extra money but streamline the process in a way that you do not even have to give any exam. Nonetheless, with the digitalisation of the process, such incidents are decreasing. In national capital – Delhi, the authorities now use automated driving test scores that ensure a fair examination for every individual. With the help of sensors and cameras, the test results are calculated based on the driving of the individual through a course that includes incline climbs, turns and even parallel parking.

Insurance to be linked with DL

To ensure safer roads and to make motorists follow the rules strictly, the authorities have proposed linking the insurance to the driving license. Any individual who gets challans and fines will have to pay a higher insurance premium. This is a way to make sure that the motorists follow the traffic rules strictly and avoid paying a higher insurance premium. The pilot project is currently happening in Delhi-NCR and if successful, the IRDA will roll out the same across the country.