Driving through riots is very risky; Live example

Driving through riot-hit streets can be extremely dangerous. Many parts of India have witnessed a lot of riots and disturbances in recent times. Here is footage from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, which shows what it feels like driving through a riot-hit street. The footage is from a dashboard camera.

The video is shared by Nikhil Rana and it is recorded from the dashboard camera of a Ford EcoSport. The video shows the deserted streets of Jaunpur at night with a number 0f hooligans with weapons like sticks and hammers in their hands.

According to the information available, two friends were stabbed while having street food. Angry people with sticks and weapons then took over the streets. They created a ruckus on the streets and broke the shops as well. The rioters also did stone-pelting!

The video footage from the dashboard camera shows a marked police car with strobes on the top. As the vehicle passes through the street cautiously, the hooligans run towards the vehicles to attack them. Around 12-15 vehicles were damaged by the hooligans.

They also damaged a Mahindra Scorpio that was passing through and was in front of the EcoSport. The dashboard camera shows that one of the rioters successfully hit the windshield of the Ford EcoSport and damaged it badly.

Take safer streets

Driving through riots is very risky; Live example

It is always better to avoid such violence-hit streets. In such situations, the mob can go out of hand and can cause a lot of damage. As we saw in the video that the Ford EcoSport driver was not a part of the violence and still got hit.

Such situations are difficult to tackle quickly. So even security forces like the police and the authorities take time to calm down the crowd before taking action. It is always recommended to avoid such streets and take a detour.

Use a dashboard camera

The dashboard is very useful in various cases. It can be used to record accidents and crimes on public roads. The footage provides important and very crucial evidence when accidents happen and it eases the process of insurance claims.

Many high-end cameras can also detect motion and capture the footage ensuring that it records if anyone tries to temper the vehicle. In all, dashboard cameras are a great investment and everyone should get one for their own safety and to avoid such situations.

Dashboard cameras can be a life saviour in such situations and they can help to get you quick insurance claims as well.

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