Driving two Maruti Suzuki 800 hatchbacks after joining them [Video]

We have seen several project cars in the past, which have been absurd in their ways. In what can be an absurd yet unique and fully functional modification job, a YouTuber tried to join two halves of two different cars, each of which has its engine, steering, drivetrain and brakes. And guess what – this two-in-one car is a proper operational car with no mechanical glitches.

In a YouTube video uploaded by “Mr Indian Hacker”, a bunch of youngsters took two different Maruti 800s and cut them into two halves and joined the halves of both the cars with engine bays into one single product. For this project, two Maruti 800s were taken and cut into two halves right from the middle. After that, the halves of the cars having the engine bay, front seats and dashboard and steering wheel were joined together by welding. The whole process of modification took five days in total.

The result of this modification job is quite awkward and funny but very distinctive. From a distance, the side silhouette of the car looks like a proper three-box sedan. However, move closer, and you will find that the actual product has been made by joining two different vehicles.

Siamese twins?

Driving two Maruti Suzuki 800 hatchbacks after joining them [Video]

The end product has two halves of the cars, which are mirror images of each other. It means that the vehicle has two different engines on either end, two different steering wheels and operational pedals for the accelerator, brake and clutch at either diagonally opposite ends and two separate gearboxes. As expected, this is a four-seater car, with two seats from either half of the different vehicles.

The second half of the video shows how this car is being driven without difficulties. However, the presenter has mentioned that while one driver is driving the car ahead, the other driver on the diagonally-opposite end has to engage the gear in reverse and steer the vehicle according to the movement of the first driver. However, towards the end of the video, we can see that the whole vehicle drifts crazily when both the drivers are putting their inputs in different directions.

The presenter of this video claims that this is a first-of-its-kind project, though this kind of crazy mod-job has already been done by the British publication house “TopGear” in the past. While this crazily modified two-in-one Maruti 800 might look like an impressive job for many, such modification jobs can turn fatal if they are not carried out properly without the required safety measures – something which is easily visible throughout the video. Also, such cars are legally not permitted to use on roads as they do not comply with the required norms set by the government.

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